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Star Wars Triumphant Return Epilogue
10 years later…
Zonia paced along the halls of the Jedi Temple looking around. She saw the class of younglings training to block blaster bolts with Remotes firing low energy plasma at their lightsabers. She saw the class perform well, until she saw one of the students struggling.
“Are you having trouble Ben?”, she asked him.
Ben took his blindfold off and tossed it away angrily. Zonia was less than happy with his attitude.
“What is it Ben?”, Zonia asked him.
“I can’t do it”, he replied, “I just can’t. My uncle just won’t teach me enough to do it”.
“What do you mean?”.
“His teachings are too limited…”.
Zonia smiled at the youngling, knowing full well what to tell him.
“Well, I think your uncle only taught you that much so you can figure some of it out yourself”.
Ben smiled at her.
“Maybe, I guess”, he replied, “can you teach me anything of what you know?
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 21
Days went by since Barriss attempted to contact whatever she felt from somewhere across the Galaxy. On Titan, among the ruins of what had once been the Mirandan Capital, raindrops fell and poured along the walls. Gathering on roof tops and in the city streets. It was almost midday. Hundreds of years ago, these streets were bustling with people rushing to get to and from work, social meetings, any reason they had to leave their homes. Now, it was just dead silence. Only the raindrops landing in puddles, and the occasional thunderclap, broke the silence. The street lights were off, the wrecks of spacecraft and vehicles were grounded, and small animals flew and crawled through the streets and buildings. Near the square that had once been the seat of Mirandan power, Zonia sat in the middle meditating. She remembered everything that had happened to her over the years.
She remembered when General Grievous took her from her home on Dathomir as a youngling. She remembered when the Devaronian I
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 20
Barriss looked to Jaspar, her darkened eyes locked onto his.
“Jaspar”, Barriss said sternly, “get over here, now”.
Jaspar did not hesitate to comply. He walked over to Barriss and stood across from her on the console.
Jaspar nodded and held his hands over the console. Barriss soon did the same. As soon as they were both ready, they began electrocuting the console simultaneously. Jaspar used his natural lightning abilities, while Barriss used force lightning only possible after connecting deeply to the dark side.
Back on the bridge, Crowley and Anfisa grew impatient and they began to think up new plans of their own.
“I think I have an idea, you’re not going to like it”, Crowley told her.
“Oh no, what kind of idea?”.
“The reckless kind. You can control the throttle of each individual engine, right?”.
“Yes”, she replied.
“Good, I’m going to need you to trust me”.
Staff S
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 19
Zonia and Jaspar, along with the other group of rebels, walked alongside Triumphant’s hull for as long as they could. They started off at the bow of the ship and were making their way towards the aft end, which was somewhere around two and a half kilometers away from the bow.
“It just keeps going…”, Jaspar commented.
“Do you know what we’re looking for?”, Zonia asked.
“Yes”, replied Crowley, “an entrance to ship, and I think I know where, assuming they haven’t changed it”.
“Wait, you’ve seen this ship before?”, Jaspar asked.
“Yes”, replied Crowley as he found a hatch and opened it, “once…”.
The rebels entered the ship and they found a long corridor leading to what looked like a staircase. They knew the ship’s bridge, where they needed to be, was hundreds of meters above their current location near the ship’s keel. If they had any hope of finding the bridge
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 18
While the Mirandan Rebel fleet that was gathered outside the Ileenium system prepared to make their attack back in their home system, the 11th sister sat in the medical bay of the lead Star Destroyer orbiting Miranda, amongst the 5 Star Destroyers that stayed in the system after Governor Tarkin’s had departed. She sat with a blank expression as the medical droid attached a prosthetic arm over the stump where her left arm had once been. When the droid had finished, she looked at it with at it emotionlessly, as if it had always been a part of her.
She got up from the operating table and made her way back to her quarters, moving her new prosthetic arm around slowly as she walked in the narrow and dimly-lit gangway outside the medical bay. She entered her quarters quietly, it wasn’t all that different from the quarters that were assigned to officers and ISB agents. She turned on the sole dim light on the ceiling and looked around. All that was inside her cabin was half of a twi
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Mature content
Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 17 :iconjharmenta19:jharmenta19 2 0
Vida Finem
Recovery is a lie. It is all lies.
Mental Health, friendship, love, it’s all lies.
Lies meant to break the soul and spirit into spirit into believing a false reality
In a world full of cruelty, unfairness, dishonesty, narcissism, and betrayal,
There is no shining beacon of Hope.
None that will matter in the end.
In a world full of possibilities, the only thing that awaits in the end is death, and pain, and suffering.
It’ll come like a sunset on a cloudy day, and it’ll remain like a night without an end.
No matter what happens, those who did you harm with every intent will always be the ones to get away with it in the end.
They will move on with their lives, with not a single care in the world for what they did to you.
Those who you care for, love, protect
Those who you would do anything for and lay down everything for in an instant
Those will always be the ones who you end hurting in the end.
No one will win there.
You will both suffer.
Trust will be broken.
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 16
Back on Attollon, Zonia rode in the rear passenger seat of the speeder while Kanan and Ezra sat in the front two seats, with Ezra in the pilot’s seat. After they were a good distance away from the base, Ezra piloted the speeder into a shallow crater on the surface and stopped entirely.
“We’re here”, he said.
“Where are we?”, asked Zonia as she looked around and saw all the strange Plated Tree Corals growing all over the landscape.
“At a special place”, said Kanan, “a secret place”.
“We’ll pick you up after you’re done”, said Ezra.
“Wait”, said Zonia, “you’re just going to leave me here?”.
“I think it’s best you two talk alone”, replied Ezra.
“Hold on”, said Zonia, “who else is here?”
Ezra and Kanan didn’t respond. They simply took off on their speeder, leaving Zonia alone in the crater. She looked around. As soon as they were
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 15
General Loughly paced along the chow hall of the Mirandan Rebel Base on Cossava, paying no attention to all the activity taking place outside. He looked at all the empty chairs at the empty tables, where only recently, they had used not only for receiving their meals, but also for socializing amongst each other. So they could remember what they were fighting for. But now, this Cafeteria would stay empty. The Empire had finally suspected that they had a base established on the rocky moon, and they all knew that the Empire would waste no time in cracking down on the Base.
“Is something bothering you?”, asked Barriss as she entered the cafeteria, carefully closing the door behind her.
“Not really”, replied Loughly as he took a small bottle out of his bag. Barriss looked at the bottle very carefully.
“I didn’t know you drank”, said Barriss.
“No, not anymore”, said Loughly, “not since I lost my wife and oldest son in the War. I
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 14
A large storm brews over the surface of Cossava, threatening to engulf the entire moon in a blanket of sand. Normally, this would make any kind of flying over the surface of the moon very hazardous, but it was a welcome change to the Mirandan Rebels stationed on the moon. As the Mirandan Rebels tied their ships down to keep them from being blown away by the incoming dust storm. In the central square of the Base that the Rebels used to train new recruits, Barriss used it to train Zonia. Their tiny shack was not ideal for lightsaber training.
Jaspar watched from a distance aways as Barriss showed her apprentice new defensive techniques, and how to apply them in combat. Zonia practiced with her lightsaber just as Barriss had taught her. Moving more fluidly than she had before now that she’s more experienced than before.
While Jaspar watched from a distance aways, Anfisa joined him to watch practice with him.
“Looks like she’s getting better”, she told him.
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 13
Elsewhere on the mountain slope, the 11th sister dug her out of the snow effortlessly, as she looked around to gain her bearings, she saw a Mirandan Nighthawk fighter approaching her about to do an attack run.
“Jaspar Strasley”, she said to herself.
As the fighter began to open fire on her, she ignited her lightsaber to try to block the incoming hail of fire. But as she tried to block defensively, it quickly became apparent that no amount of blocking would do her any good. The fighter wasn’t using blasters or ion cannons. It was using projectile-based ammunition. The projectiles were coming in a lot faster than blaster fire too.
“So primitive”, she thought to herself.
As she ran for cover, Jaspar put on his parachute and bailed out of his ship, leaving it to circle overhead on autopilot. As he reached the ground, he drew his swords and furiously charged at the 11th sister. The 11th sister barely being able to block all of his strikes. She had never expecte
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Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 12
    Cossava, a small moon orbiting the Gas Giant Planet Theo, right next to the orbit of Miranda. Formerly used by the Mirandan Race to construct and maintain its ships when it was at one time, a larger and more powerful space faring civilization, now being used by the Mirandan Resistance against the Empire, aided by the Rebel Alliance back in the Galaxy.
    Artonis Base, the headquarters for the Mirandan Resistance, was of standard size. It wasn't as large as Rebel Base on Yavin, but it was large enough to sustain a rebel cell like Phoenix squadron. The Base itself was located in an ancient impact crater. This, along with frequent stand storms and powerful magnetic fields made landing for fighters and light freighters a perilous task. But is also helped to conceal the base from the Empire which was little more than a stone throws away on neighboring Miranda. The environment on Cossava was dangerous for anyone caught in it for too long. Terraforming effor
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Zonia Landala WIP by jharmenta19 Zonia Landala WIP :iconjharmenta19:jharmenta19 5 1
Triumphant 2/2
                As antimatter propelled shells rained down on the Tromvoyan ships, they immediately split and began to outflank the Mirandan warships. Remi and Marina felt helpless at the controls of their puny weapon. But they fired at the Tromvoyan vessels nonetheless. As the Tromvoyan vessels split up, they outflanked their Mirandan rivals and began to encircle them.
                “It’s a pincer maneuver”, said Bernvar, “We have to get out of here, we’re fish in barrel like this!”.
                But before he could do anything, the Tromvoyan vessels fired on the four remaining Frigates and decimated them completely: Leaving only the three battleships encircled and the convoy defenseless. Without any warships protecting the convoy, the Tromvoyan vessels resu
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Triumphant 1/2
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10 years later…

Zonia paced along the halls of the Jedi Temple looking around. She saw the class of younglings training to block blaster bolts with Remotes firing low energy plasma at their lightsabers. She saw the class perform well, until she saw one of the students struggling.

“Are you having trouble Ben?”, she asked him.

Ben took his blindfold off and tossed it away angrily. Zonia was less than happy with his attitude.

“What is it Ben?”, Zonia asked him.

“I can’t do it”, he replied, “I just can’t. My uncle just won’t teach me enough to do it”.

“What do you mean?”.

“His teachings are too limited…”.

Zonia smiled at the youngling, knowing full well what to tell him.

“Well, I think your uncle only taught you that much so you can figure some of it out yourself”.

Ben smiled at her.

“Maybe, I guess”, he replied, “can you teach me anything of what you know?”

“What do you mean?”, she asked.

“I’ve heard that you know about the dark side”, he explained, “can you tell me anything about it?”.

“Tell you?”, she asked him, “or teach you?”

Ben gave Zonia a very unsettling smile. Zonia immediately sensed that something was off about him. Something was very wrong indeed.

“I’m sorry”, Zonia replied, “I can not teach you such things”.


“Just go join the others and don’t speak of this again…”.

Ben gave Zonia an angry look before he stormed off angrily. Zonia took note of his reaction, vowing to herself that she will never teach him of the nature of the Dark Side...

As Ben stormed back into the classroom, another youngling ran out to meet Zonia. Zonia smiled as she ran up to her and greeted her.

"How are you, Malia?", she asked her.

Malia smiled at Zonia.

"I'm doing well, thank you Master...".

Zonia giggled.

"Malia, we've been over this. You can just call me Zonia...".

"I know", Malia replied, "I was just wondering if you could help us".

"Help you?"

"Some of us are still having trouble blocking the lasers. Could you join the class and teach us?" Malia asked as she put her hands together in front of her.

Zonia smiled and she looked into her Padawan's dark brown eyes. She extended her hand and walked her Padawan back to the classroom. She opened the door and let Malia in first. She looked back, and at the other end of the hallway, she saw two specters staring at her. Force Ghosts she knew all too well; Barriss Offee and Ahsoka Tano. Zonia smiled as she Barriss and Ahsoka smiling at her. Barriss looked at her former Padawan with pride, finally being able to see her as a Jedi Knight. Ahsoka looked to Zonia and back to Barriss proudly as well. Proud that she could change her friends path back to the light, and put her on the path to be able to train Zonia. Zonia smiled at them one last time as she closed the door behind her...
Star Wars Triumphant Return Epilogue
I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but its finished. Thank you so much to everyone who kept up with my work and read this story from the beginning. Thank you JediRebel97 and Grim-Wolf-Demon for drawing my characters, I couldn't have done it without you. 
Days went by since Barriss attempted to contact whatever she felt from somewhere across the Galaxy. On Titan, among the ruins of what had once been the Mirandan Capital, raindrops fell and poured along the walls. Gathering on roof tops and in the city streets. It was almost midday. Hundreds of years ago, these streets were bustling with people rushing to get to and from work, social meetings, any reason they had to leave their homes. Now, it was just dead silence. Only the raindrops landing in puddles, and the occasional thunderclap, broke the silence. The street lights were off, the wrecks of spacecraft and vehicles were grounded, and small animals flew and crawled through the streets and buildings. Near the square that had once been the seat of Mirandan power, Zonia sat in the middle meditating. She remembered everything that had happened to her over the years.

She remembered when General Grievous took her from her home on Dathomir as a youngling. She remembered when the Devaronian Inquisitor, Olmon Sadiph, inducted her into the Empire to train her as an Inquisitor, to exploit her for her powers. She remembered when she was tasked with killing a Jedi padawan that was captured for her, and when she had finally disarmed her, she couldn’t bring herself to do it. The enraged inquisitor tried to punish her but she escaped. She remembered when she hired the bounty hunter, Boba Fett, to take her back to her home planet of Dathomir, where she learned that everything the Imperials had taught her was a lie. It was there where she first met Ahsoka Tano, who took her from Dathomir for the last time and set her on the path to meet the Jedi who ultimately committed her life to training her: Barriss Offee.

Zonia smiled as she recalled all of her memories.

She remembered when they landed on Miranda for the first time. It wasn’t the charred, airless wasteland the Imperials ultimately turned it into. It was green and full of life. She remembered walking among the giant pine trees. She remembered learning about the culture of the Mirandan people, and how they, without any outside interference, were able to not only colonize their own galaxy, they had managed to fly to and colonize other galaxies. Without any help from other races. But what she remembered most was when she met Jaspar Strasley in that tavern in the city of Corinth. She remembered how he introduced her to Miranda and all of its customs. How he introduced her to the Erisil Guard, the ancient warrior caste of the Mirandans. And she remembered the first kiss they shared on the Trailblazer, the Corellian CR90 Corvette Ahsoka had assigned to Barriss. She smiled as she remembered all of the memories she had made over the years. But her connection to past was broken as she opened her eyes as she heard a ship touch down not far away from her.

She didn’t see the ship that landed, and didn’t know what to expect. She took no chances. She picked up her Nightsister energy bow, and her lightsaber, and took off to investigate whoever landed on Titan. She hid on a rooftop of a building as she saw the ship that landed.

She easily recognized it as a Corellian YT model freighter. A light freighter with powerful engines that allowed it to move multiple kinds of cargo. Zonia took further cover as she saw its passengers disembark. One of them was a Wookiee. Furry beasts from Kashyyyk that spoke their own unique language. The other was human, who wore black pants, black boots, a white long sleeve shirt, and a black vest over it. He carried a blaster in a holster on his belt. The third and last figure she couldn’t see or discern. He stood more calmly than the other two, wore a long brown robe with a hood covering his head. Before she could get any closer look at him, the human fired at her and she was forced to retreat from her cover and out into the open. She activated her lightsaber and assumed a defensive stance.

The Human took aim at her and fired. She deflected every blaster bolt that flew in her direction, just as Barriss had taught her. But before he could take another shot at her, the mysterious figure gestured him to stop and he complied. Zonia stood nervously as the mysterious figure paced towards her slowly.

“That’s enough!”, Zonia shouted. The mysterious being complied and he stood still, staring across at her. Zonia stayed in her defensive stance, with her green-bladed lightsaber shining between them. The figure looked at her lightsaber curiously.

“Who are you and what do you want?”, Zonia asked the figure.

Zonia got no reply. Instead, she saw a prosthetic hand reach for its belt and grab what looked like a lightsaber. Zonia maintained her defensive stance, believing she was about to have a duel. But when it ignited the lightsaber, Zonia was shocked by what she saw. The blade wasn’t red like that of an inquisitor. It was green, like hers. Like the lightsaber of a Jedi.

The figure finally pulled its hood back and revealed itself to Zonia. Zonia couldn’t believe what she was seeing. It was a human male. He had dark blonde hair and blue eyes. Their eyes locked onto each other, each in complete disbelief at what they were seeing. Zonia deactivated her lightsaber and fastened it to her belt. The young man soon did the same. She looked at him curiously as she approached him.

“Who are you?”, she asked him.

“I’m Luke”, he replied, “Luke Skywalker, who are you?”.

Zonia stood straight.

“Zonia”, she replied, “my name is Zonia”.

“Zonia, are you the one who summoned me?”.

“Excuse me?”.

“Someone told me to meet you on this planet”.

“That can’t be possible”, she replied, “this planet is isolated, my commlink has been dead for years. I had no way of reaching you”.

Luke looked down for a few seconds, and then looked back at Zonia.

“I wasn’t called here”, Luke told her, “I was summoned here. Someone on this planet reached out to me through the Force…”.

Zonia’s face immediately went cold. Only one other person on Titan had the ability to reach out to Luke from afar.

“I know who”, Zonia replied trying to hold back her tears, “would you like to meet her?”.

Luke nodded, and Zonia led him through the remains of the city until they arrived at the central square. In the middle of the square, they saw a pile of small rocks, perfectly grouped together. On top of the pile of rocks, was a polished metal hilt; Barriss’ lightsaber. Right below the hilt, was a belt buckle that had a heart-shaped insignia scratched into it.

Luke turned to Zonia.

“I don’t understand…”.

“This planet’s atmosphere is poisonous to her kind”, she replied as a tear went down her cheek, “It killed her very slowly and painfully. She taught me everything she knew right before she passed”.

Luke kneeled at the grave quietly, Zonia did the same right next to him.

“She was your master?”, he asked her.

Zonia turned to him and looked him in the eye.

“Her name was Barriss Offee, Jedi Knight. Leader in the Rebellion. She was my master…”.

A single tear rolled down her cheek as she stared at her master’s grave. Luke felt her grief and held her hand to comfort her. They kneeled in silence at the grave of the fallen Jedi Knight, who her little remaining time to complete Zonia’s training.

“Come with me”, Luke told her.

Zonia turned to Luke, her eyes wide open.

“Zonia, come with me. Your master trained you to be a Jedi. I have taken on the task of rebuilding the Jedi Order…”.

Zonia couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“I, I, I don’t know what to say”.

“Zonia, this planet and the entire system is drifting away from the Galaxy. Pretty soon, it will become inaccessible via hyperspace routes”.

Zonia thought deeply about what Luke had told her.

“This might be your only chance to leave this place. There is nothing left for you here, I’ve been in your position. Come with me. If you stay here, you will never get the chance to be the Jedi you were meant to be. It would surely honor your master’s sacrifice”.

Zonia thought about what Luke had told her in silence, but she couldn’t disagree. She smiled at him and nodded.

Luke smiled and got back up and made his way back to the ship. Zonia got up and looked down at Barriss’ grave.

“I don’t know what to say. You spent the last few years of your life dedicated to me. Just to finish my training. I could never thank you for everything you’ve taught me, everything you’ve done for me”.

Zonia looked down at the grave. Without any people here to disturb, it will certainly survived unchanged for centuries. Her lightsaber, with its heart of Kyber, sitting on the surface of Titan for the remainder of time. Zonia smiled at Barriss’ grave and bowed.

“Thank you for everything, my Master”.

Zonia gave her final goodbye to Barriss, and rushed to meet Luke back back at the ship. She followed Luke onto the ramp where she was greeted by the captain, the man who initially attacked her, and his Wookiee copilot.

“Zonia, I’d like you to meet Han Solo”.

Han extended his hand to greet Zonia and smiled. Zonia smiled back and shook his hand.

“Zonia? I like your name. I’m sorry about earlier. Welcome aboard the Millennium Falcon”, he told her.

Luke showed Zonia to the other crewmember, the Wookiee.

“And I would also like you to meet Chewbacca, our copilot”.

“Pleasure to meet you”, Zonia told Chewbacca.

Chewbacca let out an obnoxious roar that Zonia was unable to understand. Han smiled at Zonia.

“He says he likes you”, Han told her as he got into the pilot’s seat and started up the Falcon’s engines. In moments, the ship lifted off from the surface and flew over the ruins of the city. Before long, it ascended above the atmosphere and out into space. Zonia looked outside the window and saw Titan, it’s ring system, and its four moons. Just ahead of them, she saw a bright orange spot against the backdrop of stars, which could be none other than Theo. She looked at Theo curiously. Somewhere around Theo, orbited a moon that once gave birth to an advanced race. A race that had evacuated not only the system, but the galaxy to avoid Imperial persecution, and to keep their prized battleship from falling into the wrong hands. She couldn’t see Miranda from the distance she was at, but she knew very well that it was there.

Zonia looked at the system for the last time as the Millennium Falcon took off into hyperspace, taking Zonia, Luke, Han, and Chewbacca back to the galaxy.

Elsewhere in another solar system, many light years away in another galaxy, a life giving world orbited its parent star. It had vast oceans, and continents with towering peaks and vast plains. Forests dominated the land, while swimming creatures lived in the sea. The planet was orbited by a single, large rocky moon and shared the it’s neighborhood with 7 other planets. The planet orbited its sun peacefully, as it always has, as a gigantic ship approached it from space. It’s name shined in the glare of the sun it orbited; Triumphant.

“Keep it steady, Anfisa, we made it all this way. Let’s try to land in one piece”.

“Jaspar Strasley, after all this time of flying us through intergalactic space, do you still doubt my piloting abilities?”, she asked him while she held onto the helm.

“Only sometimes, yes”, Jaspar responded mockingly.

Anfisa laughed and tried to jab him in the gut, but not after being reprimanded by Staff Sergeant Crowley.

“Look alive, you two!, he ordered them, “we’ve made it this far, I’d rather not have our journey come to a fiery end”.

“Sorry Staff Sergeant”, Anfisa apologized.

“Where are we even?”, Jaspar asked him.

Crowley pulled up a star chart on one of the monitors in the bridge and showed him a map of the system.

“Here we are”, he replied as he pointed to a small cluster of stars.

It was a micro-galaxy of just 30 star systems held together by their own mutual gravity, surrounded by on its outer flanks by five Nebulae, like an atoll with five barrier islands and a lagoon of stars in the center.

“The Meduliva Galaxy”, Crowley commented, “formerly a part of the UTR until its collapse by project Monarch”.

Crowley zoomed in on the monitor and showed them the system they were in. A single star orbited by eight planets.

“This right here is the Nantora solar system. The planet right in front of us is Nantora IV, the only naturally habitable planet in this galaxy. Every other planet in this galaxy in the days of the UTR that supported life was terraformed. Those planets lost their habitability centuries ago after the UTR collapsed, but this, this jewel right here, still remains”.

Jaspar and Crowley looked at the planet in awe as Anfisa landed Triumphant safely on its surface. She landed it in the ocean, right along a cliff face on of the it’s four continents. She let her hands go of the helm gently as Triumphant’s keel settled on the ocean bottom, with most of it still above the waterline. Every pair of eyes looked outside in wonder and saw the unspoiled world before them. Anfisa stood next to Jaspar so she could see for herself.

“So, what do we do now?”, she asked.

Jaspar turned away and saw some crewmembers raising a UTR Naval Ensign on one of Triumphant’s starboard turrets.

“Now we rebuild…”, he replied.

The End
Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 21
Zonia finally leaves Titan behind after many years with Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, fully trained as a Jedi Knight. But right before she says goodbye to an old friend for the last time. I'm very sorry this chapter had such an emotional ending, but it was my plan since I published the first chapter almost two years ago. The Mirandan refugees find a new home among the stars, on a planet that had once been one of their former colonies.
Barriss looked to Jaspar, her darkened eyes locked onto his.

“Jaspar”, Barriss said sternly, “get over here, now”.

Jaspar did not hesitate to comply. He walked over to Barriss and stood across from her on the console.


Jaspar nodded and held his hands over the console. Barriss soon did the same. As soon as they were both ready, they began electrocuting the console simultaneously. Jaspar used his natural lightning abilities, while Barriss used force lightning only possible after connecting deeply to the dark side.

Back on the bridge, Crowley and Anfisa grew impatient and they began to think up new plans of their own.

“I think I have an idea, you’re not going to like it”, Crowley told her.

“Oh no, what kind of idea?”.

“The reckless kind. You can control the throttle of each individual engine, right?”.

“Yes”, she replied.

“Good, I’m going to need you to trust me”.

Staff Sergeant Crowley picked up his commlink and tried to combat the ship’s combat information center.

“CIC, this is bridge. What is the status of our weapons?”.

“All of our main guns are loaded and aimed at target”.

“Listen very carefully, aim all of our starboard turrets to the three o’clock position, elevation at 10 degrees”.

The firing control officers in CIC could not believe what Crowley was ordering them.

“Sir, there’s nothing in that direction…”.

“Just do as I say”, replied Crowley.

Within seconds, the firing control officers in CIC order all 24 of Triumphant’s starboard turrets, 12 on the dorsal and 12 on the ventral, to turn to where Staff Sergeant Crowley had instructed.

Admiral Thrawn looked at the Mirandan Battleship curiously as the guns that could do his ship harm turned away from him.

“Turn us towards them”, Crowley ordered Anfisa.

“Turn towards them? If we do that, we’ll give them the chance to broadside us”.

“Just trust me!”, he replied.

Anfisa hesitated for a second, but nonetheless, turned her ship as the Commando told her to. In seconds, all 2,400 meters of Triumphant made a sharp turn towards the Super Star Destroyer. Admiral Thrawn couldn’t believe his luck as he saw the warship speed towards. He was in the perfect position to broadside them. On Triumphant, Anfisa maintained her course that cruised the ship towards the Merciless. She stared blankly out into space, while Crowley looked at the Merciless carefully.

“Disengage gyroscopes!”, Crowley ordered.

“What?!”, Anfisa cried out.

“Do it now!”.

Anfisa, again obeyed without questioning him. She flipped a switch on the control console that disabled Triumphant’s gyroscopes.

“Start turning the wheel as fast as you can”.

Anfisa complied and she starting turning the wheel as fast as she could. With it’s gyroscopes disabled, the ship wasn’t turning. It started listing away from Anfisa’s desired course.

“On my command, turn them back on…”.

Anfisa held her hand over the switch as she waited for Crowley’s OK to continue.

“Wait for it…”.

Anfisa looked outside the window and saw the Imperial Dreadnought, now fully prepared to broadside their ship.

“Crowley…”, she called anxiously.


Anfisa reactivated the gyroscopes. In seconds, the entire crew was thrown across the ship violently as it started drifting like a high speed racing vehicle. Triumphant rotated counterclockwise as its starboard side faced the Merciless perfectly, and it’s turrets locked on target.

“Fire!”, ordered Staff Sergeant Crowley.

In seconds, Triumphant shook violently as 48 of its 72-inch guns fired high velocity shells at the Merciless. Explosions rocked the Super Star Destroyer as 48 shells, each weighing 36,000 kilograms, impacted the Imperial Dreadnought, many penetrating across the entire beam and exiting through the other side, leaving large exit holes in their wake. Crewmembers were knocked to the ground as the Imperial Dreadnought shook from all the shells impacting the ship.

Back on Triumphant, Staff Sergeant Crowley picked up his commlink.

“CIC, this is bridge, reload. Reload now!”.

Immediately, gun crews worked to reload the guns. On the merciless, Admiral Thrawn recovered and immediately began giving orders.

“Target their engines and armament with proton torpedoes. Immobilize them, but do not destroy them. We still need that ship intact”.

The Merciless took aim at Triumphant and fired proton torpedoes. Everyone hit the decks when they saw the proton torpedoes fly in their direction. Triumphant rocked around as the proton torpedoes made impact. Fire and decompression alarms went off in the bridge. Outside, 7 of the 24 turrets that took aim at the Merciless were destroyed.

Down in the special weapons area, Barriss and Jaspar were knocked away from the console as the proton torpedoes impacted outside. Zonia rushed to help her master back up.

“NO!”, Barriss barked at Zonia, “Just back off!”.

Zonia looked at Barriss’ dark yellow eyes and backed away cautiously. Jaspar got back up and they went back to the control console to try to reactivate one of the missiles again.

“Is everyone alright?”, Crowley cried out. He looked around and saw that no one on the bridge was injured. He immediately picked up his commlink and contacted CIC once again.

“CIC, this is bridge, return fire. Hit them with everything we’ve got!”.

Triumphant immediately returned fire on the Imperial Dreadnought. This time, with just one turret at time. Two of the shells penetrated the Dreadnought’s superstructure. Another set of shells ripped right through it’s engine room. Explosions began to spring out through the entire Super Star Destroyer, but it was not done fighting yet. Admiral Thrawn ordered another volley of proton torpedoes to be fired at Triumphant. Crowley looked at the proton torpedo launchers on the Merciless through his binoculars and saw that they were preparing to fire again.

Down in the special weapons area, Jaspar and Barriss kept electrocuting the control console, in the hopes overriding its security, and allowing it to be launched. Suddenly, a flashing light appeared on a button on the control console. Barriss and Jaspar looked at it carefully. Jaspar pushed the button and all of a sudden, lights began to turn on on one of the two missiles that was prepped for launch. Barriss saw another flashing button on the console labeled BRIDGE, Jaspar saw the button too and pushed it, giving the authority to launch the missile to whomever was on the bridge.

On the bridge, Anfisa saw a button flashing on the console. The button had a symbol that partially resembled the missiles below. On her commlink, she heard Jaspar trying to make contact.

“What is it Jaspar?”.

“Do you see a flashing button?”, he asked her.

“Yes, what about it?”.

“Push it! It’ll fire a missile that can take out that Super Star Destroyer in one hit.

Anfisa looked at the button carefully, and pushed it.

In the special weapons area, Barriss, Zonia, and Jaspar watched as the missile entered the firing tube, and was then fired out into space. On the Merciless, Admiral Thrawn saw the gigantic missile approaching his ship. He immediately ran to his shuttle and evacuated the doomed ship. In seconds, the rebels on Triumphant were nearly blinded as a blind flash of light shined on the battleship. Not long afterwards, a powerful gravitational wave shook Triumphant. Crewmembers grabbed onto anything they could find and held on tightly.

After what felt like forever, the shaking stopped and the flash of light ceased to shine. The rebels looked ahead of them and they were astonished by what they saw. Where the Merciless had been, now only remained a floating pile of scrap metal. The rebels cheered as they finally tasted victory against the Empire for the first time. In the special weapons area, Zonia helped Barriss get back on her feet. Barriss opened her eyes and looked at her apprentice. Her eyes were no longer black and yellow. Instead, they were blue again. Zonia nearly teared up when she saw her master was finally back.

Barriss didn’t tear up. Instead, she shook in fear as her apprentice helped her back up.

“Barriss, are you alright?”, Zonia asked her.

Barriss nodded no.

“We need, we need”, Barriss struggled to find the right words, “We need to get back up to the bridge. We have no time to lose!”.

“What is it?”, Zonia asked her.

Barriss looked at Zonia, and then to Jaspar. She could sense the bond the two shared, and Barriss understood that not only did they care about each other deeply, they loved each other too.

“There is something we have to do”, Barriss replied, “you’re not going to like it”.

The three of them immediately returned to the bridge, where they were greeted by Crowley and Anfisa.

“You’ve done a very good job”, Crowley told them, “very good thinking on your part to use Triumphant’s special weapons against the Empire. Imagine how much we can do once we get this ship to Atollon”.

“No!”, Barriss cried out, still struggling to recover from forcibly separating her connection to the dark side.

“I’m sorry Master Jedi?”.

“We can't go there”, she replied, “do you really think the Empire is just going to give up in this system? They will come back with more forces. They will chase us to hell and back again just to find this ship, and they will retaliate against the Mirandan people in the process”.

Crowley looked around and saw every crewmember staring at them. Nearly all of them were Mirandans.

“This ship carries weapons that can turn the tide of our war against the Empire”, Crowley commented.

“This was never supposed to be your war”, Barriss protested, “This ship carries secrets. Secrets that could easily fall into the wrong hands. Do you really want the Empire to have a chance to capture this ship? Or the Hutts? Trade Guild? Black Sun? Imagine if just one of those gained the secrets this ship holds”.

Crowley thought long and hard about what Barriss had said. Zonia held onto Jaspar’s hand tightly and fearfully, unsure of what she was really planning.

“What is it you suggest we do, Master Jedi?”, he asked her.

Barriss paused for a few seconds before she could finally muster up the courage to speak her words. She saw Zonia and Jaspar hold hands, and a tear went down her cheek when she realized what had to be done.

“Evacuate”, she replied, “This ship is big enough to hold every last Mirandan down on the surface. Have them pick up provisions, plants, animals, anything and everything you need to start all over. Just put as much distance between you and this galaxy as you can…”.

A single tear went down Zonia’s cheek as she held onto Jaspar’s hand tightly, even tighter than she ever held it before.

“You say it’ll be too costly for us to stay in the war. When I was sworn into the Army of the UTR, i swore to protect my people. My oath still stands”.

Crowley looked around at every Mirandan on the bridge.

“This is not our fight. If we fight, our people will be the first ones to pay for it”.

Crowley looked at the officers at the communications consoles.

“Send a message down to the surface of Miranda. Tell them to evacuate to the UTR battleship waiting in orbit. Tell them to bring provisions, plants, animals, anything we can use to start all over again on another planet”.

The officers nodded and immediately began communicating to every Mirandan still on the surface. Before long, they loaded as many provisions as they could onto freighters and raced to meet Triumphant in orbit. Without the Imperial blockade, the refugees had little trouble evacuating Miranda. Barriss watched from the bridge as the freighters flew into Triumphant’s hangar bays and started unloading wave after wave of refugees, along with supplies, as well as plants and animals native to Miranda in case they faced extinction from Imperial retaliation.

Zonia and Jaspar sat quietly in the office that had formerly belonged to the Commanding Officer of Triumphant. Jaspar found a safe and used his sword to break it open. Inside, he found withered and tattered documents, too worn out to be read, and a small black bottle.

“Oooh, what do we have here?”, Zonia asked as Jaspar pulled the bottle out of the safe.

“It looks like Alandi”, Jaspar replied, “Some good Alandi too, the stuff that’s prepared more carefully so it doesn’t burn you”.

Zonia smiled.

“Yeah, Barriss told me your dad offered her some. She didn’t seem to enjoy it”.

Jaspar laughed.

“Well”, he replied as he held the bottle in front of his eyes, “let’s hope this, uhm…”.

Jaspar squinted his eyes so he could read the label.

“...This ‘Captain Drumpf’ enjoyed his Alandi”.

Jaspar popped the bottle open and took a sip out of the bottle. Zonia grabbed the bottle too and took a sip herself. It wasn’t long before they started feeling the effects of the drink. Zonia lifted Jaspar’s arm over her head and wrapped herself in it as they sat down on the deck, pressed up against Captain Drumpf’s desk. Zonia sighed at the thought of what was about to happen.

“What am I going to do without you…”.

Jaspar didn’t respond. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and held her tightly. He stroked her silver-blonde hair to the side as she tried to sleep in his arms one last time.

Outside, they could hear thumping on the door. It didn’t sound like someone was knocking. It sounded like someone, or something was scratching.

Zonia woke up and heard the scratching. Feeling too lazy to get up and open the door, she used the Force to open it instead. And soon wishes she hadn’t.

Suddenly, a pair of large, four legged felines charged at Zonia. Zonia was shocked and extended her arms to keep them away. But instead of attacking her, they started licking her, and rubbing their large fangs against her arms and legs. Zonia quickly stood up, and the cats started jumping on her. Jaspar laughed as she got all the attention of the two cats.

“What are these things?!”, Zonia cried out.

“These are big cats”, Jaspar replied, “They are Corinthian Sabertooth Cats. Well, or they will be. They’re just cubs right now. Be thankful they’re still small, or you’d probably be a chew toy”.

“Yeah, I already got to see an adult up close. It was no picnic…”.

Before long, Zonia and Jaspar chased the oversized cubs away, and Barriss walked into the office and smiled at them.

“Are you all set?”, she asked them.

Zonia and Jaspar turned towards each other, and held their hands. They knew they didn’t have a lot of time yet. Zonia did not want to wait. She closed her eyes and let her guard down, like she did the first time she met him years ago. But before they could kiss, they were interrupted by Staff Sergeant Crowley who ran into the office.

“I’m sorry for bugging you guys, but we are detecting an object emerge from hyperspace”.

Barriss looked at him curiously.

“What kind of object?”.

“We don’t know. But it’s big. Like really big. Bigger than that Super Star Destroyer. It’s also spherical”.

Barriss immediately began having flashbacks. She remembered, many years ago, seeing such a weapon in a nightmare; a force vision she had on Tatooine. She remembered seeing the basic schematics for that weapon after Ahsoka Tano rescued her Serreno. She even remembered its name.

“Stardust”, she whispered under her breath.

“Stardust? What is stardust?”, asked Crowley.

Barriss wasted no time. She ran back to the bridge and looked outside the windows. She saw Theo, the massive gas giant planet that Miranda orbited and saw a large, grey spherical object emerge from behind the planet. All eyes on the bridge looked at the object curiously.

“Anfisa, bring us about and get us as far away from that thing as possible”, Barriss ordered.

Before long, Anfisa turned the wheel sharply and Triumphant began making a U-turn. Inside the massive structure that just arrived in the Titan-Miranda system, Admiral Thrawn departed from his shuttle and made his way to the Overbridge. There, he was greeted by an Imperial Officer.

“Director Krennic”, Admiral Thrawn greeted the man.

“Admiral Thrawn, I presume”.

“Your reputation precedes you, Director. I congratulate you on creating this weapon. I look forward to seeing the Death Star live up to its name”.

“A weapon which we shall soon use on the Triumphant before it can cause us any more damage than what it has”.

Director Krennic turned to his officers.

“Commence firing sequence. Target that Battleship orbiting Miranda. Perform a low energy strike, I do not want us destroying this station”.

Officers and engineers deep in the bowels of the space station worked to fire up the Death Star’s primary weapon. On Triumphant, the rebels watched as they saw a series of lasers around the Death Star’s primary weapon ignite and converge together on a central point. In seconds, a massive green laser fired out of the station and scored a direct hit on Triumphant. Triumphant shook around violently as the lethal strike threw it around like a toy. Anfisa struggled to maintain control of her ship as it spun around uncontrollably.

“Damage report!”, she cried out.

Crowley got back up and made his way back to the console.

“I’ve got fire and decompression alarms going off. The armor held up, but one more hit like that and we won’t survive”.

Anfisa turned her ship around and started flying quickly, away from Miranda and Kelma, and away from the Death Star.

On the Death Star, Director Krennic and Admiral Thrawn watched as Triumphant flew just barely behind Miranda, and out of range of their primary weapon.

“Readjust our position and target the moon”, Director Krennic ordered. Admiral Thrawn turned to Krennic, uneasy about the order he had just given.

“A very unwise move, Director. If you target their world, countless systems will flock to the Rebellion”.

“What would you like to suggest, Admiral? That we allow them to just leave? I have gotten reports that nearly the entire population of Miranda evacuated to that battleship. I will not stand by and allow their crimes to go unpunished”.

“There is nothing of value on that moon, Director. Attacking it will not only reveal the existence of this weapon to the Senate, it will also rally more systems to the Rebellion”.

“Admiral, do you not see the bigger picture? With this weapon, the Empire is now the ultimate power in the universe!”.

Admiral Thrawn refused to continue his conversation with Director Krennic any longer.

“You have allowed yourself to be blinded by your own ambition, you fail to see that it will ultimately be your downfall”.

Almost immediately, the Death Star took aim at Miranda, and fired.

On Triumphant, all eyes saw a high energy burst shoot from the Death Star down onto the surface of Miranda. They all covered their eyes and looked on in horror as they saw a giant fireball wrap around the surface of Miranda. Barriss collapsed as she felt the massive loss of life through the Force. They saw the fireball begin to engulf the Jaborian Continent. It was wiped off the map in seconds. They saw the fireball pass over the oceans, leaving only a waterless seabed in its wake. Then it passed over the Corinthian Divide, the mighty mountain range that split Miranda into its eastern and western hemispheres, they too were reduced to nothing. Little scattered hills at best were all that remained.. Everything that the Mirandan people had ever built on their homeworld was not gone, reduced to ashes.

Jaspar saw Barriss’ reaction and helped her back up.

“You can’t return to the Galaxy”, he told her.

“We can’t come with you”, Barriss replied, “there needs to be Jedi in the Galaxy if its to ever have peace again”.

Jaspar thought long and hard about what Barriss had told him.

“Alright, I think I have an idea. It isn’t meant to be permanent, so you better have a long term solution in mind”.

“I’m listening”, Barriss told him.

“Miranda was not the only habitable planet in this system. The other one is Titan. It’s the next one from the sun. At one point, this planet was our homeworld, but we had to terraform it first just so we could breathe. No one’s lived there in over 1,700 years, so the atmosphere is back to its original state, with too much Carbon Dioxide. Zonia is Dathomirian, which by default, makes her a Zabrak. I know for a fact that she would be a little uncomfortable breathing that air, but she can tolerate it enough to survive there as it is”.

“What is your point?”, Barriss asked.

“My point is that you won’t be able to live there for long”, Jaspar replied, “I know that Mirialans won’t survive there. It won’t take days or weeks. It will take months or years for that atmosphere to kill a Mirialan. It is a slow painful death”.

Barriss thought long and hard about what Jaspar had told her.

“We’ll take our chances”, she replied.

Jaspar smiled and led Barriss and Zonia down to an escape pod as Triumphant left Miranda behind and began to approach Titan and its moons as it started up its Warp drive. Barriss entered the escape pod first, Zonia went in after her, looking down. Jaspar held her hands tightly. Zonia looked up and locked her eyes with Jaspar’s. Jaspar smiled as he stroked her hair to the side and rubbed a tear off her cheek.

“I’ll never forget you”, he told her, “I promise”.

Zonia didn’t respond. She simply closed her eyes and locked lips with him. Zonia and Jaspar kissed one last time before Barriss began shutting the hatch, and she saw him for the last time. Moments later, the escape pod was jettisoned from Triumphant and began its descent towards the surface of Titan. Barriss and Zonia looked outside as they say Triumphant fly past them, picking up more and more speed. Suddenly, the space surrounding Triumphant was quickly distorted, and Triumphant shot quickly out of view in a bright flash of light. Barriss and Zonia shielded their eyes to avoid being blinded. When they opened their eyes, Triumphant was no longer there. It had finally made the jump into hyperspace, leaving the Galaxy behind for good.

Barriss looked at Zonia sitting in her seat. She expressed no emotion. Wouldn’t say a word. Barriss did not say a word either. She simply sat next to Zonia and held her hand.

“There’s been a lesson I’ve been meaning to teach you”, Barriss told her, “it’s about attachment. Attachment is forbidden for a Jedi. When I was at the temple, we weren’t allowed to have possessions. We weren’t allowed to have down time. We weren’t even allowed to fraternize or marry. Such things are forbidden for a Jedi”.

Zonia looked up at Barriss, in complete disbelief.

“Why are you telling me this now?”.

Barriss paused for a few seconds, thinking about which words to use.

“Because I saw how you and Jaspar connected, since day one. I didn’t tell you anything then because I didn’t want to hurt you. Even Ahsoka wanted me to tell you as soon as possible before you got more attached, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it”.

“Well”, Zonia replied, “maybe I was meant to meet him for a reason. So he could teach me this lesson instead of him. Attachment is hard I know. It’s so hard when the things and people we’re attached to are no longer there. But without these things, then what do we fight for? Without these things, we have nothing. How can we fight for nothing? I refuse to. If separation is the price I have to pay for attachment, I gladly accept it”.

Barriss smiled at Zonia.

“You have grown so much, Zonia. I cannot tell you how proud I am of you”.

Not long afterwards, they escape pod entered Titan’s atmosphere and it touched down in the ruins of an ancient city. The ruins of the city that was once the capitol and seat of power of the United Titan Republic. Zonia looked outside through the tiny window and saw all the ancient buildings, now just reduced to their concrete foundations, with plants and vines growing all over.

“It looks habitable. Is it safe to breathe?”, asked Zonia.

Barriss remembered everything that Jaspar had warned her about this planet.

“Yes”, she replied, “Jaspar told me the air was a bit uncomfortable to breathe, but it is safe”.

Zonia nodded and she immediately opened the hatch. Barriss breathed in the air Jaspar warned her about and she felt it fill her lungs. She immediately started coughing as the air filled the escape pod. Zonia rushed to her aid.

“Barriss, are you alright?”.

“I’m fine”, she replied still coughing, “I just need some time to acclimate is all”.

“Are you sure?”,


Barriss immediately pulled out her lightsaber and gestured Zonia to do the same.

“We don’t have a lot of time. I need to teach you everything I know before it’s too late”.

“Wait, what do you mean?”, asked Zonia.

“I’ll explain in time”, Barriss replied, “for now, we will focus only on YOUR training. Just you, and nobody else. This planet has been abandoned for hundreds of years, so no one here will distract us”.

Barriss continued her lightsaber lessons for several weeks. Before long, those weeks turned into months. Zonia would have surely gone insane in their isolation had it not been for the Commlink she brought, which she was able to tune in to the Holo-news network. Most of it she ignored, it was little more than Imperial propaganda. It wasn’t the same Holo-news network she saw as a youngling on Serreno.

Months have finally turned into years as Barriss became weaker and weaker from breathing in Titan’s toxic atmosphere. But she nonetheless did everything she could to pass on her knowledge down to Zonia. Barriss began to intensify her lightsaber techniques, in the hopes Zonia could catch on too. She taught her how to connect to her inner darkness, without letting herself succumb to it, so she could be a better duelist in combat. Before long, Zonia had caught on to the technique and was able to improve on her own. Not only was she able to apply it in lightsaber combat, she was able to apply it to her bow. She was finally able to hit her targets with a blindfold on, relying on her skills with the Force alone. Barriss looked on proudly as she saw her student improving so much. She got up from her seat in the escape pod to congratulate her, until suddenly, she felt her legs beneath her weaken. She could no longer hold herself up and she fell on the ground.

“Barriss”, Zonia cried out as she ran over to her master. She held her in her arms and tried to help her stand.

“Zonia”, Barriss whispered softly. She opened her eyes. Zonia was heartbroken as she Barriss’ eyes, almost completely red, with little hinting that they were once blue.

“This was a mistake, we have to get off this planet now. It’s killing you!”.

Zonia rushed over to the escape pod, but to her frustration, it’s power cells were depleted. She screamed and punched the pod’s control console in anger.

“Zonia”, Barriss cried out softly.

Zonia approached her slowly and helped her at the very least sit up.

“Be at ease”, she told her student, “put your mind at ease…”.

“Do you think I enjoy watching you suffer here?”.

“It’s ok”, Barriss told her as she closed her eyes and held her hand, “it’ll be alright…”.

Barriss began to sit up on her own and started meditating. Unsure of what to do, Zonia did the same. She sat on the ground in front of her master and slowed her breathing down so she could meditate too. As the they meditated, Zonia opened her eyes as her holo-transmitter came on spontaneously. She walked over to see what kind of transmission it was going to play.

“Fellow beings of the Galaxy, this is Senator Mon Mothma of Chandrila. I speak to you from the surface of Endor, where I can finally share with you some excellent news. Earlier today, the Rebel Alliance achieved a critical victory against the Galactic Empire. Not only was the Empire’s second Death Star destroyed, but Emperor Palpatine was killed in action during the battle…”.

The holo-transmitter’s power supply finally went dead. Zonia couldn't believe what she was hearing. After so many years of fighting, and partly in thanks to what she and Barriss were able to provide, the Rebellion finally began the process of overthrowing the Empire.

“Barriss, did you hear what just…”.

Zonia turned around and saw Barriss still meditating. She connected deep into the Force, completely unaware of what was going on around her. Barriss continued meditating, for an entire rotation of Titan; 24 hours. Zonia continued her lightsaber techniques. She continued practicing everything her master taught her while she meditated.

Later that night, Barriss felt a disturbance in the Force. Not the kind of disturbance she would feel if a dark sider was in her presence. It felt more like a shift. Like something was making itself known to her. It felt strange to her. But it also felt familiar. Like a presence she had felt before in her lifetime, but it didn’t feel exactly like it. It felt like, they could be related. Suddenly, Barriss began to recall her spiritual journey to Dagobah. Not when she physically went with Zonia, but when Ezra Bridger knocked her out on Serreno. She remembered when she was able to commune with the spirit of Master Qui-Gon Jinn in the cave of darkness. She finally remembered the last words he told her in that cave.

“There is another Skywalker…”.

Barriss breathed in ever so slowly, and breathed out again.

“I know what I have to do…”, she thought to herself.

Immediately, she started meditating again, even deeper into the Force. In an attempt to try to commune with the strange presence she could feel, somewhere else in the Galaxy.
Star Wars Triumphant Return Part 20
The rebels succeed and the Mirandan race evacuated the Galaxy on TSS Triumphant. Barriss and Zonia take refuge on Titan so Barriss can complete Zonia's training, with heartbreaking consequences for one of them.
Zonia and Jaspar, along with the other group of rebels, walked alongside Triumphant’s hull for as long as they could. They started off at the bow of the ship and were making their way towards the aft end, which was somewhere around two and a half kilometers away from the bow.

“It just keeps going…”, Jaspar commented.

“Do you know what we’re looking for?”, Zonia asked.

“Yes”, replied Crowley, “an entrance to ship, and I think I know where, assuming they haven’t changed it”.

“Wait, you’ve seen this ship before?”, Jaspar asked.

“Yes”, replied Crowley as he found a hatch and opened it, “once…”.

The rebels entered the ship and they found a long corridor leading to what looked like a staircase. They knew the ship’s bridge, where they needed to be, was hundreds of meters above their current location near the ship’s keel. If they had any hope of finding the bridge, they would have to take the stairs all the way up. Zonia looked around the dark corridors of the ship. While this was far from being her first time on a starship, she had never seen one before of this size. It was one and a half times longer than an Imperial Star Destroyer. She had expected the ship to have been left clean and tidy, but this was not the case. In fact, there was a lot of garbage and broken glass lying all over the decks. She could tell that whoever decided to hide the ship on Kelma did so in a hurry. The climb up the stairs was long and slow. Had Kelma’s gravity not been so weak, the climb would be a living nightmare. After climbing up a few decks, she could see areas of the ship that looked more familiar. One deck had a galley, that hasn’t served any hungry sailors or marines in centuries by this point. Some of the decks above it had berthing area where crewmembers had once slept and lived on. She also saw duty stations, ammunition lockers, even a section for officer’s quarters as she walked up.

“This way”, Crowley cried out as he led the rebels onto another deck away from the stairs.

“What’s down there?”, Zonia asked him as she pointed down the corridor with her lightsaber.

“Well, if I remember correctly, the bridge…”.

The group walked down the narrow passageways, which were finally being bathed in artificial light for the first time in centuries. Before long, they made it to the place on the ship that they were all looking for. They made it to the bridge. Crowley looked at the controls carefully, remembering the last time he was standing in the bridge prior to him being frozen in cryostasis.

“Are you alright?”, Zonia asked him.

“Yes”, he replied sharply, but coldly, “I’m fine. It’s just I, I never thought I’d be standing here again…”.

Staff Sergeant Crowley looked at all the controls carefully. While he had never been stationed in the ship’s bridge before, he was familiar with it as the captain of the ship would have had need to talk to the small garrison of Commandos stationed on Triumphant in regards to missions and day-to-day procedures. Since the Commanding Officer’s, along with the Executive Officer’s, quarters were less than 100 feet away, nearly all their meeting took place on the bridge.

Crowley looked at all the buttons, dials, and switches carefully. He looked at one button carefully which he was certain was capable of doing one thing and one thing only. Zonia and Jaspar looked on carefully as he pushed the button ever so slowly.

Suddenly, without warning, the lights on the ceiling came on and the bridge was illuminated. Just seconds later, every working light on Triumphant came back on. Lights, which had been turned off for centuries, sprang back to life, both inside and outside the ship. The small group of rebels finally got a clear view of the bridge. They saw the a massive wheel suspended from the ceiling on a pivot near the center of the bridge, with two control panels on each side. The entire bridge had crystal-clear windows that gave a nearly full view of the front, the sides, and part-ways towards aft. Only the entrance to bridge prevented them from having a full 360 degree view.

The rebels all looked outside the windows and they could finally see the true size of the ship that had just discovered. They saw the massive 72-inch guns, each almost 50 meters long, and a total of 48 on Triumphant’s dorsal side alone. There were another 48 down on the ventral side beneath the keel, just a few hundred meters below them.

Jaspar looked at the control panel Crowley was looking at. He saw a button that had a symbol that looked like a cloud. Without thinking, he decided to push it. Suddenly, gas began pouring out of vents in the ceiling and bulkheads. Zonia turned around and saw liquid mercury inside of a tall glass cylinder begin to ascend.

“There’s pressure in here…”, she quietly whispered to herself. She looked around and saw that all the other rebels were still wearing their space suits, thinking that the interior of the ship was still a vacuum. But there was only one way to find out. Jaspar turned around and saw Zonia try to take off the glove of her space suit.

“Zonia, what are you doing?”, he asked her while she started pulling the glove off, “Zonia, you’ll decompress rapidly, seal your suit now!”.

Jaspar ran up to Zonia and was astonished by what he saw. She was still partially wearing her glove, but now her wrist was completely exposed.

“There’s pressure in here…”, Zonia commented.

“This ship has been hidden in this hangar the last 400 years. It’s impossible…”, Crowley said in disbelief. Soon, he too took off his own helmet and breathed in the air.

“Well, the air is a bit stale, but it is breathable…”.

The rest

“What about all the other systems?”, asked Jaspar.

Crowley turned around and faced the control console.

“Well, if you intend on flying this thing out of here, we’re going to need a crew down in the engine rooms to fire this thing up…”

“Way ahead of you”.

Jaspar pulled his commlink out of his pouch and immediately tried to contact General Loughly.

“Father, it’s me Jaspar, have you landed on Miranda yet?”

General Loughly picked up his commlink and replied.

“Yes, Jaspar, we’re on Miranda now. We broke through the blockade, we’re hovering above the surface and preparing to escort a fleet of freighters off the surface. What is your status on Kelma?”.

“You’re not going to believe where I am. We found it. I repeat, we have located Triumphant”.

General Loughly let out a sigh of relief at hearing the news.

“But we have a problem. This ship is a lot bigger than we thought. We’re going to need as many hands as we can get if we’re to even attempt getting it out of here. Me, Zonia, Crowley, and the other 12 are not going to be enough. It’s in a hangar buried underground right behind Gaffer Canyon’s northern slope”.

“Alright, I’m going to get as many to your location as I possibly can. Loughly, out”.

While Zonia, Jaspar, Crowley, and the rebel squad rushed to bring Triumphant back to life, Barriss and the 11th sister continued their duel in the canyon just outside. In one swift move, the 11th sister extended her prosthetic hand and force pushed Barriss away from her. Barriss immediately recovered and stared down at the inquisitor just meters in front of her. They stared at each other, waiting for the other to make the first move.

“How interesting”, remarked the 11th sister as stepped towards Barriss, “normally, your snotty little pet would have come to your aid by now, as well as her lover”.

Barriss didn’t respond. She simply maintained her defensive stance, her purple bladed lightsaber in one hand, behind her, and Jaspar Erisil Gladius, now glowing red hot in front of her; it’s orange red glow shining in her eyes.

“This is weird, by now she would have come to your aid, it’s almost as if they were delayed…”.

Barriss glanced at the northern slope, then quickly refocused her attention on the inquisitor.

“No. They were not delayed. They found something…”.

“They have found nothing…”.

“Why else would you come back to this system? And to Kelma of all places?”.

Barriss refused to respond.

“Oh I see. You’re after the TSS Triumphant”.

“That ship is a myth…”, Barriss replied sternly.

“Then why do you look for it? Do you honestly think the Rebel Sympathizers on Miranda found the operating instructions for that class of battleship by accident? We infiltrated the headquarters of the Erisil Guard. We WANT you to find that ship”.

Barriss became very uneasy with what the inquisitor was telling her. The more she listened, the more she realized that they had fallen right into a trap. The 11th sister judged her reaction carefully, and smiled.

“Looks like I do own you after all”.

The 11th sister started up the gyroscopic motion of her lightsaber and charged at Barriss. Barriss swung her lightsaber and sword around in front of her relentlessly to keep those red blades as far away from her as possible.

“On second thought, I won’t kill you”, the 11th sister told Barriss as their blades locked in a hold, “I think I’d rather keep you alive. I want you to see everything I’m going to do to your little padawan…”.

Barriss let out a scream and charged at the inquisitor, tapping into her dark side to increase her strength and striking speed. While the 11th sister and Barriss battled in Gaffer Canyon, General Loughly hovered over the surface of Miranda as the last transports, most of them hammerhead corvettes, prepared to take off towards Kelma. He immediately contacted all the rebel ships, and ordered them to keep in tight formation. As the ships left Miranda and headed into orbit, he positioned the Venator in front of the fleet of a dozen hammerhead corvettes to shield them from the duo of Star Destroyers waiting for them. He looked at his position from the bridge and saw what he was up against. The Empire had sent more Star Destroyers into the system as a response to their presence. There were two directly in orbit above Miranda, blocking their escape. Another two, one of which is commanded by Agent Ruiz, was directly in orbit above Kelma and were about to pin down the rebels there, and another set of three star destroyers waiting in between Kelma and Miranda to be called wherever they were needed.

Almost immediately, the two Star Destroyers orbiting Miranda positioned themselves on his fleet and fired on him. General Loughly ordered the Venator’s shields be concentrated towards the front and ordered the fleet of hammerheads to position themselves behind his cruiser, to take cover from the maelstrom of fire being unleashed by the approaching Imperial Star Destroyers. He looked outside the window and saw two of the hammerheads break formation and head towards Kelma as fast as they could, nearly sublight speed. All the rebels on the bridge of the Venator looked on helplessly as one of the hammerhead corvettes was set ablaze by one of the Star Destroyers.

In Gaffer Canyon, Barriss and the 11th sister looked on as the hammerhead corvette that broke through landed not far away from where Zonia, Jaspar, Crowley, and the others had gone underground in the northern slope.

“Interesting”, the 11th sister commented, “it appears your rebel friends have indeed found something. I wonder what that could be”.

Barriss charged at the inquisitor angrily, forcing her to step back.

“You want to find out for yourself? You’ll have to go through me…”.

The 11th sister smiled and charged at Barriss, resuming their duel.

Back on the Venator, General Loughly looked at the two star destroyers in front of him and weighed in his options. Without a large enough crew, Triumphant was not taking off the surface of Kelma, and he knew it. If they tried to get past them unprotected, they stood little chance of making it through. Without any options, he contacted Jaspar back on Kelma and requested a status update.

“Jaspar!”, General Loughly cried into his commlink, “do you read me? I need to know how far ahead  you are in reactivating that ship”.

“We’re very behind”, Jaspar replied, “We’re doing all we can here in the bridge and the engine rooms. A hammerhead corvette just landed and delivered more personnel but it just isn’t enough”.

“We’re doing all we can, Jaspar, but right now, I’ve got two Star Destroyers blocking us off from Kelma. We’re pinned down”.

“We need you to break through that hold if we’re to get this ship off the surface. We found it. But not we’re counting on you!”.

General Loughly thought long and hard about which course of action to take. He studied the sizes of the two Star Destroyers in front of him carefully and compared them to his Venator. His Venator was still a lot smaller than each of the Imperial Star Destroyers, and it had a lot less armament than they did. But he quickly found one strategy that just might work to remove them from their path. He looked at all the Mirandan rebels that stood in the bridge with him. They all looked at him awaiting his orders.

“I want everyone on this ship to evacuate”, he ordered them, “now. I’m taking these star destroyers out myself…”.

The Mirandan rebels did not hesitate to obey their leader. They immediately made their way towards the escape pods. One of the pilots approached General Loughly and looked at him. He made it absolutely clear that he had no intention of leaving. General Loughly looked at the pilot and nodded. They immediately proceeded to the Venator’s controls and put themselves in a course where they would collide with the two Imperial vessels simultaneously. The officers on the the Imperial Star Destroyers looked on in horror as they saw the Venator fly towards them at terrifying speed.

Anfisa looked up from her position in her fighter, just above the surface of Kelma, and saw the suicidal move General Loughly was preparing to take. She immediately contacted Jaspar from her commlink.

“Jaspar, this is Anfisa, do you read me?”, she asked him.

“This is Jaspar, reading you loud and clear”.

“You’re not going to like this, but it looks like your father is going to ram the Venator into the Imperial Star Destroyers”.

Jaspar’s face immediately went cold. He changed the channel on his commlink and started calling out for his father.

“Father, what are you doing?!”, he cried out.

“Jaspar, listen to me. I won’t be able to see through to the end of the mission. Get that battleship off of kelma, rally the Mirandan people, and find them a new home!”.

“No”, Jaspar replied, “I can’t let you do this!”.

“I’m very proud of the young man you have become”.

Seconds later, the Venator collided into the two star destroyers. All three ships erupted in flames as they were ripped to pieces in the collision. General Loughly closed his eyes as he saw the wave of explosions approach the bridge.

On Kelma, Jaspar collapsed in anguish as the signal with General Loughly’s commlink fell dead quiet. Zonia saw Jaspar’s anguish and wrapped her arms around him, doing everything she could to comfort him. Staff Sergeant Crowley stood over them, and silently removed his cover from his head.

“Your father was a great man”, he told Jaspar as he extended his hand to help him up, “the bravest man I’ve ever met. I believe we should honor your father’s memory and grant his last wish”.

Jaspar reached his hand out, and with Zonia’s help, got back up and wiped the tears from his eyes.

“I agree”, he replied, “now let’s get this battleship started up”.

Outside in the canyon, Barriss looked up in anguish as she saw the Venator go up in flames after the collision. Through Zonia’s emotions, she could sense General Loughly’s sacrifice. The 11th sister saw her reaction and laughed mockingly.

“This battle will be even shorter than I thought”, the 11th sister told Barriss mockingly.

Barriss did not respond. She simply maintained her defensive position and continued her duel with the inquisitor.

Up above in orbit above Miranda, the fleet of hammerhead corvettes took advantage of the opening and flew quickly to Kelma. In Gaffer Canyon, Barriss and the 11th sister looked on as the ships landed not too far away from where the first one landed. Barriss immediately jumped in between the inquisitor and the landing site to keep her away for as long as possible.

The Mirandan rebels quickly disembarked and went down the corridor that connected Triumphant’s hangar to the world outside. They were all awestruck as they saw the giant ship for the first time. Right away, they all went to their stations or wherever they were needed. Some of them went into the engine rooms to restart the ancient propulsion systems. Others went to operate any one of it’s massive 72 inch guns, or its secondary weapons.

Up in the bridge, Zonia, Jaspar, and Crowley saw all the systems return to life, displayed on the control consoles. They were able to see fuel pressure, speed gauges, warp drive controls, life support systems, and countless other operations in working order. They felt the ship begin to shake and a bright flash of light coming out the aft end. The sole flash was followed by even more bright flashes of light. It became clear to them that it’s engines were coming back online for the first time in centuries.

Outside in the canyon, Barriss and the 11th sister briefly stopped their duel when they began to feel the ground shake beneath them.

“Interesting, Imperial reports say that Gaffer Canyon is not a geologically active zone. Which means this earthquake isn’t natural…”.

Barris ignored the 11th sister. Despite their prolonged duel, she had no intention of backing down and resumed her duel against the 11th sister.

Back in the hangar, Zonia saw all the controls at the pilot’s station but had no idea how to operate them. Jaspar looked at the controls carefully, but also had trouble understanding them. They were not even remotely similar to the XK-31 fighters.

“So”, Staff Sergeant Crowley remarked, “who is going to fly this thing?”.

The three of them looked amongst each other. They had almost everything they needed. The life support systems were activated, the engines were online. The steering thrusters were responding to every movement on the ship’s wheel. All they were missing was the pilot”.

“I’ll pilot this thing”, replied Anfisa as she stepped into the bridge, walking slowly because of her implants.

“Anfisa, are you sure you can handle this thing?”, Jaspar asked.

Anfisa looked around carefully at the bridge and all the controls in the pilot’s station.

“I’m positive I can”, she replied as Zonia helped her to the controls. She felt the meter-wide wheel in her hands. She saw the throttles for all eighteen engines on the console to her right, and all the instruments displayed on a console to her left. All of the most vital instruments were displayed on a monitor on the wheel itself. She reached for the throttle and held firmly.

“All hands, hang on!”, she exclaimed as she pushed the throttle forward.

Outside in the canyon, Barriss and the 11th sister were immediately knocked to the ground by another powerful quake. When they got up, they saw Triumphant flying through the canyon wall, knocking down boulders and debris as it escaped the hangar. The 11th sister couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Barriss caught notice of the 11th sister’s distraction, and made her pay for it. In one swift move, Barriss swung her lightsaber towards the 11th sister and aimed at the hand that held her lightsaber. The 11th sister collapsed as her hand was cut off, lying in the dust. Barriss stepped back slowly, believing that she had ended their duel and looked at Triumphant carefully, judging carefully so she could jump on. Just as soon as she about to jump, the 11th sister recovered her lightsaber and charged at Barriss. Barriss ignited her lightsaber just in time to block  the lethal strike.

“Did you really think it would be that easy?”, the 11th sister asked her as she held her stump where her hand had been. Barriss looked on in shock as she saw that it was her prosthetic hand that she had cut off.

Barriss didn’t respond. She kept her blade locked onto hers and tried to put as much distance between her and the inquisitor as she could. As soon as she was far back enough, the 11th sister extended her arm where had hand had been and force-pushed Barriss into a boulder. Barriss suddenly found herself struggling to breathe. When she saw why, she saw that her Oxygen tank on her back had been ruptured. She worked quickly to get it off and seal her suit before it lost any more pressure.

THe 11th sister pointed her lightsaber at Barriss.

“You’re out of oxygen, your time is up”.

Barriss held her breath as the 11th sister charged at her, unleashing a full fury of strikes. From Triumphant’s bridge, Zonia saw her master duel against the inquisitor and could sense she was distressed.

“We have to help her!”, she cried out.

Crowley immediately pointed Zonia to a set of AA guns mounted in a pod on the port side right next to the bridge.

“Try to see if that thing works”, he told her.

Zonia wasted no time. Immediately, she got on the AA gun and began firing on the 11th sister. Both Barriss and the inquisitor ducked to avoid the incoming rain of fire Zonia unleashed on them. Barriss used this moment to her advantage, and in one swift move, force-jumped towards Triumphant as it began to fly overhead. The 11th sister looked on in frustration as she missed her chance to take down Barriss once and for all. Just moments later, the Imperials had finally become aware to Triumphant’s presence on Kelma. They sent a wave of TIE fighters in an attempt to bring down the ship. One TIE fighter passed directly over the surface of Kelma, allowing the 11th sister to jump on it just in time and make her way to Agent Ruiz’s star destroyer, which was flying alongside another, getting into position to commence orbital bombardment on Triumphant.

The 11th sister made her way to the bridge, where she met Agent Ruiz. Agent Ruiz was most displeased to see her.

“I see you have failed us yet again…”, Agent Ruiz scolded the inquisitor.

“I failed? Where were you with your troops when I needed you the most?”

“Enough, inquisitor. When this is over, you may explain your failure to Lord Vader”.

A shiver of fear went down the inquisitor’s spine. She gripped her wrist where her hand had once been.


The 11th sister began to walk slowly away from the bridge, refusing to break eye contact with Agent Ruiz.

“I want all batteries to fire on the Triumphant”, ordered Agent Ruiz, “that ship does not take off from Kelma”.

Right away, the two star destroyers turned their batteries into Gaffer Canyon and began to open fire on Triumphant.

Anfisa struggled at the helm, working hard to keep her ship from crashing onto the surface of Kelma. Jaspar looked at the instrument panel and could already see fire and decompression alarms going off throughout the ship.

“We’re pinned down here”, Anfisa exclaimed through the commlink to the other rebel ships, “we need help”.

Rebels on the Trailblazer and the ELJ-300 cruiser heard Anfisa’s cries for help. But with the two Star Destroyers orbiting Kelma, and the other three that were fast approaching, they were powerless to do anything about it.

On Agent Ruiz’s Star Destroyer, the 11th sister listened to Anfisa’s cries for help as she walked into her quarters. She remembered another time when she asked for help. She began recalling memories from her distant past when she first inducted the twins, Anfisa and Catarae, into the Erisil Guard. She remembered Anfisa as a youngling many years ago, when she fell off a dock in the Aklis River and the current nearly swept her away. She remembered when she jumped into the river to save her right before she could make it to the rapids. She stopped and nearly collapsed in grief as she listened to Anfisa’s cries for help once again. She closed her eyes to take her mind off of her. She still wanted to believe she was her enemy.

“It’s not too late you know”.

She could hear Ksenia’s voice in her head once again.

“What do you mean?”, she asked her.

“We’ve done some very horrific things after the Empire took us away, but you still have a chance to make things right…”.

“How?”, she asked her, tears beginning to build up in her eyes.

“Help her. Ksenia, help her…”.

The 11th sister opened her eyes. She saw herself in the mirror. Her eyes were no longer black and yellow. They were crystal blue. Almost as blue as the eyes of a Mirialan. She took off her helmet and let her curly blonde hair hang loose from her head. She looked at her reflection and saw who she really was. The woman she was meant to be.

“I know what I have to do”, she whispered to herself as she made her way to the bridge.

“Inquisitor? I thought I ordered you to leave the bridge”, exclaimed Agent Ruiz.

Ksenia looked up and saw the ISB agent. Agent Ruiz was shocked when she saw that the inquisitor’s eyes were no longer black and yellow; a sign of corruption from the dark side of the force. Instead, they were crystal blue. She wasn’t even wearing her cover anymore, as dictated by Imperial Protocol.

“What is going on?”, she asked the Mirandan.

Ksenia looked up and looked at Agent Ruiz, her crystal blue eyes locking onto her dark brown eyes.

“I’ve had a change of heart”, she replied. Suddenly, she extended her hand and force-pushed Agent Ruiz against the bulkheads. Before any of the other Imperials could respond, she used the force to pull a blaster rifle away from a stormtrooper and began spraying the entire bridge in blaster fire. Officers and stormtroopers immediately cleared the bridge as she peppered the entire deck in blaster fire. Ksenia looked around and saw that everyone had left. She looked outside, down to the surface of Kelma and saw Triumphant, still pinned down i the canyon below. She picked up a commlink and tried to contact Anfisa.

“Anfisa, do you copy? I can get you an opening. Listen carefully”.

Back on Triumphant, Barriss made it to the bridge and could hear Ksenia’s transmissions. It did not take long for her to recognize her voice.

“Anfisa is indisposed at the moment. I told you, if you want to get to them, you have to go through me!”, Barriss screamed angrily into the commlink.

“Those terms still stand?” asked Ksenia.

“Yes”, Barriss replied.

“In that case, I need you to do me a favor…”.

Barriss could not believe what she was hearing.

“After everything you’ve done to us, do you really expect me to do YOU a favor?!”.

“Tell Anfisa I said I was sorry…”.

Barriss could not believe what the former inquisitor was telling her.

“I’m sorry, please come again?”.

“I said please tell Anfisa that Ksenia said she was sorry…”.

Barriss nearly dropped her commlink on the deck at hearing her words.

“Listen to me closely, Jedi, I can give you guys an opening. You’ll have one chance. As soon as the Star Destroyers are out of commission, you need to plow right through them. Triumphant has dozens of layers of reinforced armor plating. It can take a hit”.

Before Barriss could respond, Anfisa got into the controls of the Star Destroyer and took a sharp turn into the one next to her. The officers on the neighboring Star Destroyer looked on in shock as the other was set on a collision course. In seconds, Ksenia felt herself being thrust forwards as her Star Destroyer collided into the other one. On the surface of Kelma, orbital bombardment ceased as the two Star Destroyers were knocked out of action. Zonia, Barriss looked outside the windows in complete disbelief.

“Now is our chance!”, Barriss cried out, “we have to go now!”.

Right away, Anfisa turned Triumphant into an upright position. Crewmembers all over the ship, including Barriss, Zonia, Jaspar, and Crowley, rushed into the nearest seats and put their seatbelts on. They were not expecting Triumphant to take off vertically like a more primitive spacecraft. As soon as Triumphant was turned upright, Anfisa gunned her engines to nearly full power, putting it on a collision course with the two disabled Star Destroyers.

Back on the Star Destroyer, Agent Ruiz regained consciousness and saw Ksenia standing at the window, looking down towards Kelma. She didn’t hesitate to pull it out and aim it at Ksenia.

“You!”, Agent Ruiz cried out, “you traitor!”.

Ksenia didn’t respond. She closed her eyes as Agent Ruiz took aim.

“What? Now you have nothing to…”

Before Agent Ruiz could finish her sentence, she saw Triumphant taking off from the surface of Kelma, coming straight at them at terrifying speed. Agent Ruiz stood petrified as Ksenia stood calmly, accepting her fate. Within seconds, Triumphant sliced through the two crippled Star Destroyers, killing Ksenia and Agent Ruiz instantly, as it took off into space.

“I can’t believe that actually happened”, exclaimed Anfisa as she righted her ship, “did we have an agent one of those ships?”.

“No”, Barriss replied coldly.

“How was this even possible?”.

Barriss looked down for a second, unsure of how to respond, and then back up.

“Because Ksenia sacrificed herself to give us a chance…”.

Anfisa’s face immediately went cold as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

“She gave up her life honorably so that we could live. Actually, she told me to tell you, that she did it FOR YOU”.

Jaspar immediately approached Barriss and Zonia.

“I am in need of your help, both of you”.

Barriss and Zonia looked at each other and then back to Jaspar.

“What kind of help do you need?” asked Barriss.

“The special kind”, replied Jaspar, “I need to make sure the special weapons the ship is carrying haven't been compromised. They need to be loaded in a secure manner. No one on this ship will obviously have any experience moving these weapons, so it’ll take the precision and care of a Jedi to properly and carefully secure these weapons”.

Barriss looked at Jaspar curiously.

“What kind of weapons?”, she asked him.

“Follow me”.

Jaspar led Barriss and Zonia away from the bridge and down to the lower decks, deep in the bowels of the ship. Barriss studied every detail carefully. Some of it looked familiar, resembling the interior of the cruisers she served on during the Clone Wars, but other areas didn’t look as familiar. Before long, they were near the center of the ship. She saw large, red-colored tanks around them, resembling fuel tanks. Not only that, but they were also highly magnetic, she and Zonia had to work hard to prevent their weapons from flying towards the tanks. She saw ancient Mirandan symbols that caught her attention.

“Jaspar, what do these symbols translate to? On the tanks?”.

Jaspar looked at her fearfully, unsure how to respond. Barriss waited patiently for her answer.

“These are fuel tanks. Specifically, they are called ACA’s. It stands for ‘Antimatter Containment Apparatus’”.

Barriss’ face immediately went cold with fear.

“Antimatter? Jaspar, do you have any idea how unstable this stuff is?!”, Barriss asked him angrily.

“It’s what we used as fuel to travel between the stars”, he replied.

Zonia kept quiet. Barriss was already livid enough with Jaspar for sharing his bed with her, and she did not want to infuriate her anymore.

Not long afterwards, Jaspar led them away from the fuel tanks and he showed them a large compartment, deep within the ship. Barriss and Zonia looked around and saw what looked like missiles stored in the compartment. Gigantic missiles. Each almost 100 meters long and sporting a warhead at the tip the size of a speeder.

“Jaspar, what are these things?”, Zonia asked him.

Jaspar gulped down, unsure of how to explain the nature of these weapons. Barriss became fearful once again when she saw the Mirandan symbol for ‘antimatter’ painted on warheads of the missiles.

“Alright, here’s the thing. When my race went to war against the Tromvoyans, 1,700 years ago, we built a fleet of warships to protect ourselves, as our first line of defense. This ship was just one of many. After the war ended, we knew we had to do everything in our power to prevent another one from occurring. So we built missiles like the ones you see here”.

“Enough with the history lesson”, Barriss interrupted, “what do these missiles do, exactly?”

She became increasingly more paranoid and angry as Jaspar told them more about the ship.

“These missiles, when their warheads are activated, unleash an antimatter explosion. It doesn’t go outwards like an explosive device. It goes inwards. When the antimatter implosion takes place, in a very concentrated area, it creates a gravitational wave on the space-time fabric. A gravitational wave that can destroy an entire planet”.

Barriss immediately shook her head in disbelief. She and Zonia had lived with the Mirandans for several years now. She knew they were very clever. But she had never imagined them to be so destructive.

“Jaspar, please tell me these missiles don’t work”, Zonia begged him.

Jaspar studied the six missiles carefully and was petrified when he saw the two that were loaded in the launch tubes.

“Of these six missiles”, he explained, “the two that are here in the launch tubes are armed and ready to be fired”.

Barriss and Zonia looked around and saw the six missiles, each one with almost unimaginable destructive power. These missiles were undoubtedly the reason the Empire wanted to find Triumphant in the first place. Before they could do anything else, they felt Triumphant shake around as the trio of Star Destroyers that was orbiting Miranda finally caught up to them. They could hear muffled explosions coming from outside the ship. They immediately went back to the bridge. Not far ahead of them, they saw the three star destroyers, with their main batteries firing on Triumphant. Barriss immediately walked over to Anfisa on the helm.

“Anfisa, concentrate all shields to the front of the ship…”.

Anfisa looked at Barriss completely confused, unsure of how to carry out her order.

“Is there a problem, Anfisa?”.

“Just one, Master Offee”, she replied as she maintained Triumphant’s course, “this ship has no shields…”.

Barriss turned to Jaspar angrily.

“A battleship Jaspar? A battleship with no shields?!”.

“What? I told you this thing was old…”.

“Old is one thing, unprotected is quite another. Are our main guns online yet?”.

“Working on it”, Crowley replied as he tried to communicate with the gunners from his position in the bridge.

In seconds, Triumphant’s forwards most turrets came online and they began to rotate. Staff Sergeant Crowley worked tirelessly to guide the guns into taking aim at the Imperial Star Destroyers. The sound of muffled explosions outside could be heard throughout the ship.

“Staff Sergeant, what is the status of our main guns?”, Barriss asked Crowley.

“They’re taking aim and loading”, he replied, “these guns fire solid projectiles, 72 inches across. They need time to be loaded…”.

“We don’t exactly have a lot of time right now…”.

As the trio of Star Destroyers moved closer to Triumphant, they began to intensify their fire on battleship. Zonia pointed to a squadron of TIE-bombers as they prepared to make a bombing run on Triumphant.

“All hands duck!”, Zonia shouted as she got on the ground, her hands behind her head. Barriss looked on as the TIEs launched proton torpedos towards the bridge. Everyone on the bridge looked on in fear as they saw the proton torpedos fly in their direction. Even Anfisa tok cover behind the wheel. The whole bridge shook violently as the proton torpedoes struck the ship, just meters away.

“Damage report! Are there any fire or decompression alarms going off?”, asked Anfisa as she struggled to get back on her feet.

“None whatsoever”, replied Zonia as she helped Anfisa back to her feet, “the ship’s armor is holding up so far”.

“What is the status on our guns?”, Barriss asked.

Crowley got back to his control console and saw that they were finally online. The gun crews managed to manually load all 96 guns with armor and shield penetrating and high explosive shells.

“Guns are online!”, shouted Crowley.

“Take aim at those Star Destroyers and fire!”, Barriss ordered.

Within seconds, Staff Sergeant Crowley communicated to the gunners below decks via the bridge’s telegraph the angle and position of the guns so they could score effective hits. The gunners complied and aimed the two forward-most turrets at two of the three star destroyers.

“Bridge, this is dorsal turret one, locked on target”.

“Bridge, this is dorsal turret two, locked on target”.

“Our two forward-most turrets are locked on two of the three star destroyers”, Crowley commented, “we are ready to fire”.

“Fire!”, Jaspar cried out.

The gunners in the forward-most turrets, each side by side, obeyed Jaspar’s orders and fired at the Imperial Star destroyers. The turrets, each sporting a pair of 72-inch guns and separately aimed at two of the three star destroyers, fired on the enemy targets. In less than a second, 4 solid projectiles were hurled out of the guns, Triumphant shook as the shells left the ship at near light speed and towards the Imperial Star Destroyers. The Imperial Star Destroyers shook violently as each took two shells amidships, penetrating their deflector shields, ripping through the engine rooms, right before the shells flew out through the other side without losing any speed. In seconds, the two star destroyers went up in flames and broke into two along where the shells had made impact. Rebels on Triumphant cheered as they saw two of the Imperial Star Destroyers go up in flames.

The third Star Destroyer wasted no time in retaliating. It took aim with its ion cannons and fired at Triumphant, with the intent of disabling all of its power and rendering it defenseless. The rebels on the bridge watched as the ion blasts impacted Triumphant’s hull, but to their surprise, power was not cut to the ship. The lights didn’t even flicker. The ion pulses passed safely around Triumphant’s armor plating which contained tungsten, an ideal metal for blocking any form of EMP attack, protecting the ship like a giant faraday cage.

“All gunners, reload!”, Barriss ordered.

“We don’t have time!”, Crowley shouted as he made his way to the helm, “Those two forward guns are the only ones that can aim and fire. If we wait for them to reload, or wait to bring her about so they other guns can fire, they could gain the upper hand or worse, call for backup. We can’t wait!”.

Barriss immediately turned to Crowley as he took over the helm from Anfisa. He turned the ship from its original course and put it straight in a collision course with the third star destroyer”.

“Crowley, what are you doing?!”, Barriss shouted.

“Anfisa, whatever you do, keep us on this course”, Crowley told Anfisa as he gave her back the helm and made his way to the ship’s PA system.

“All hands, brace for impact!”.

Every crew member on Triumphant dared not delay obeying the Commando’s order. They all grabbed hold of anything that was secured to the ship, or fastened themselves into seats with safety harnesses. The whole battleship shook, and its metalworks moaned, as it made contact with the Imperial Star Destroyer. Its bow cut clean through the Star Destroyer’s armor and shields, tore the superstructure off the ship, and passed cleanly through to the other side; cutting through the star destroyer from bow to stern. The crewmembers on the bridge watched in complete disbelief as they tore the last enemy star destroyer in two. They celebrated and cheered that they were finally kicking the Empire out of their home system.

“I am detecting an object emerging from hyperspace. A large one too”, Anfisa cries out as she looks at her radar screen.

Barriss rushes over to Anfisa at the helm.

“How large?”, Barriss asks her.

“If this radar is correct, this object is 19 kilometers long”.

Zonia immediately points to Miranda outside the windows.

“There, it’s emerging from behind Miranda on our starboard side”.

The rebels look at where Zonia points to and they see a large object emerging from behind Miranda. A large arrowhead shaped object. As soon as it emerged from behind Miranda, it took a sharp turn to port and began speeding towards Triumphant.

“Do you know what that is?”, Jaspar asked her.

“Yes”, replied Zonia, “it’s a Star Dreadnought. A Super Star Destroyer; Executor-class”.

Almost immediately, the Imperial Dreadnought attempted to make contact with Triumphant.

“Put it through”, Jaspar ordered.

Right away, Anfisa opened Triumphant’s broadcasting channel so it could communicate with the Imperial battleship and turned on the microphone.

“This is Mirandan battleship Triumphant, please state your business”.

“Attention rebel ship, this is Imperial Dreadnought Merciless, stand down at once or you will be destroyed” ordered an officer on the enemy ship.

Jaspar immediately went up to communication console and made contact himself.

“This is Mirandan battleship Triumphant. We will not stand down. Depart the system at once or we will open fire”.

“You can’t honestly believe that the Empire will just back down so easily”, replied a voice over the commlink. A voice they knew all too well; Admiral Thrawn.

“I congratulate you in locating your missing warship. An uneasy feat by anyone’s standards. But you are outnumbered and outgunned”.

“I disagree”, replied Jaspar, “this ship took down three of your star destroyers. How is one big one going to make a difference?”.

“You are very simple minded if you really believe those three star destroyers were there by accident”, replied Admiral Thrawn, “I ordered those three star destroyers to engage you so I could judge the capabilities of your ship, and exploit its weaknesses in our grand finale”.

“We will see…”, replied Jaspar as he cut the transmission.

On the Merciless, Admiral Thrawn began giving orders to his officers on the bridge.
“Move us closer to the Triumphant and get us within range our cannons. As soon as we’re close, we’re going to make a hard turn to port so we can get across their bow. We have the advantage of broadsiding them, while they will be limited to their forward armament only”.

“Right away Admiral”, replied the ship’s commanding officer. Almost immediately, the Merciless began moving diagonally across Triumphant’s starboard side. Triumphant’s gun crews struggled to get a good aim at the Imperial warship, but through a combination of its speed, and their inexperience, they were unable to get a good shot. Barriss looked at the Merciless carefully, trying to judge what Admiral Thrawn was planning. She closed her eyes and meditated. To try to sense anything that could offer a clue as to what the Chiss admiral was planning. When she sensed that the Merciless was about to make a hard turn to port, she opened her eyes and rushed over to Anfisa at the merciless. Anfisa stood at attention, ready to receive Barriss’ orders.

“Anfisa, they’re going to attempt to cross the ‘T’”,

“Cross the ‘T’?”.

“Yes”, replied Barriss, “they’re going to bring their full broadsides to bear while we can only fire our forward guns”.

“Alright, what should I do?”.

“When I say so, fire all our thrusters so the ship can move downwards on its yaw axis”.

Anfisa held firmly on the wheel, waiting for Barriss’ order. Barriss looked at the Merciless outside as it began to turn sharply. In less than a minute, all 19 kilometers of the Super Star Destroyer made a 90 degree turn to port.

“Now!”, Barriss cried out.

Anfisa complied and she pulled the wheel down towards the deck. All hands on the ship held on tightly to whatever they could as they felt the sensation of the ship falling into the blackness of space that surrounded them. The Merciless fired on Triumphant, the Mirandan battleship dodged the incoming rain of fire that the Imperial dreadnought unleashed upon it.

“All engines, ahead full!”, Barriss cried out.

Anfisa complied and pushed the master throttle of all 18 engines ahead full. Triumphant began speeding closer and closer towards the Merciless.

“Jaspar, are any of the special weapons operational?” Barriss asked.

“From what I saw, at least two of them were armed and ready to be launched from the tubes”.

“How long would it take to fire one of them up?”.

“Standard procedure, it would take about three hours. With Erisil Knights, it would only take a matter of seconds”.

“How is that?”.

“I saw a control console with a symbol of the Erisil Guard painted on it. If it can be electrocuted simultaneously in the correct pattern, the security can be overridden”.

“Well, you need to be down there Jaspar”.

“I can’t do it myself. In order for the security procedure to be overridden, we’ll need TWO Erisil Knights to electrocute the console. Anfisa, after her injuries, can no longer produce lightning. I can’t do it on my own”.

“I’m going back down there with you, let’s go. Anfisa, Whatever you do, do not let them turn their broadsides on us. If they do, we’re dead. Zonia, I’ll need your help down there too. Let’s go”.

Jaspar led Barriss and Zonia back in the special weapons area, where the six anti-planetary missiles were being stored. They looked at the two missiles cautiously, knowing full well of the destructive potential they possessed. Near the firing control panel, they saw the Console that was intended for Erisil Knights, should the need to override its security ever arose.

Barriss looked and studied the console carefully. Thinking as to how she could fool the console into thinking that Two Erisil Knights were trying to override it. But as she looked closely, she saw that there was no way to fool it. It would simply not work with just Jaspar, but she did have an idea.

“I know what I have to do…”.

Barriss removed her lightsaber and blaster from her belt and handed it to Zonia.

“Barriss, what are you doing?”, she asked her.

“In case I don’t come back”, Barriss replied, “do not hesitate…”.

Zonia became very fearful of what Barriss had just told her. She saw Barriss walk up to the console slowly. She closed her eyes and started meditating, deep into the force. Outside, they could hear muffled explosions as the Merciless tried broadsiding Triumphant. Barriss ignored the chaos outside, and instead focused only on her connection to the Force. Zonia immediately sensed that something was off about Barriss. She wasn’t just meditating. She was connecting to the Dark Side of the Force. Almost immediately, she got a cold feeling from Barriss. Like the feeling of being near her presence made Zonia feel cold. Jaspar saw Zonia’s distress over Barriss and stood next to her and held her hand, to try to calm her down.

Barriss finally opened her eyes and stared down at Zonia and Jaspar. The pair were petrified by what they saw. Her eyes were no longer blue. Her sclera were black, and her pupils were yellow. She connected herself to the Dark Side.
While the Mirandan Rebel fleet that was gathered outside the Ileenium system prepared to make their attack back in their home system, the 11th sister sat in the medical bay of the lead Star Destroyer orbiting Miranda, amongst the 5 Star Destroyers that stayed in the system after Governor Tarkin’s had departed. She sat with a blank expression as the medical droid attached a prosthetic arm over the stump where her left arm had once been. When the droid had finished, she looked at it with at it emotionlessly, as if it had always been a part of her.

She got up from the operating table and made her way back to her quarters, moving her new prosthetic arm around slowly as she walked in the narrow and dimly-lit gangway outside the medical bay. She entered her quarters quietly, it wasn’t all that different from the quarters that were assigned to officers and ISB agents. She turned on the sole dim light on the ceiling and looked around. All that was inside her cabin was half of a twin bed, a desk, and her double-bladed gyroscoping lightsaber; left on the bed by Vader undoubtedly after he took it from her.

She remembered why he took it from her; So the Sith Lord could teach her a painful lesson about the consequences of failure. She did not wish to think about her painful encounter with Vader. Instead, she sat on her bed and tried to meditate. It wasn’t meditating like it had been for Barriss and Zonia. She was meditating to improve her connection to the Dark Side of the Force.

As she meditated, her eyes closed and breathing slowed, she began to recall memories from her youth.

“What have you done?”, a voice in her head asked.

The 11th sister opened her eyes. She looked around to see if anyone had entered her cabin unnanounced. But there was no one there. Believing she was alone, she closed her eyes again and resumed her meditation.

“Do you really enjoy it? All the pain you have caused?”, the voice asked her again.

“Who is there?”, asked the inquisitor.

“You really don’t recognize me, do you?”.

“I don’t know. Should I”?

“Should you?”, asked the mysterious voice, “Should you recognize me? I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t. After all those who have suffered at your hands, why should you? After all, I was only the first of many…”.

It was at that moment the 11th sister finally realized who she was talking to. Her conversation wasn’t as two sided as it appeared. In fact, it couldn’t be any more one sided. She was having a conversation with herself: Ksenia Shuemay.

“What do you want with me?”, the 11th sister asked herself.

“Isn’t it obvious? I want you to stop this madness. How many more people must continue to suffer? Is this who you really are?”.

The 11th sister looked down at her prosthetic arm and felt the scar running across her face that Zonia had left behind.

“They’ve changed you. But it’s not too late…”.

“No. You’re wrong”, replied the 11th sister, “Ksenia is dead”.

“Then you’re a murderer…”.

“I was following orders”.


“I did what I had to do…”.


“Enough!”, the 11th sister shouted as she ignited her lightsaber and swung it, slicing her desk into two pieces. She looked around and panted. She felt her heart pumping as her mind filled with rage. She maintained a defensive stance, as if a Jedi or an Erisil Knight was preparing to attack her. But there was no one in her cabin. It was completely silent, the only sound coming from the humming of her lightsaber.

As she maintained her defensive stance, she heard knocking on her door. She immediately deactivated her lightsaber and opened the door. She saw a Stormtrooper standing outside the door.

“What is it Sergeant”, she asked him.

“Mistress, you’ve been ordered to the bridge”.

“I’ll be on my way…”.

Without wasting time and wishing to put her vision behind her, she clipped her lightsaber to her belt and made her way up to the bridge. There, she was greeted by Agent Ruiz.


“Agent…”, replied the 11th sister with an irritated tone in her voice. She was still angry at her for telling Lord Vader about her sparing Anfisa’s life.

“We have reason to believe the Rebels may mount an attack in this system”.

“That’s impossible”, commented the 11th sister, “We threw them into total disarray back on Cossava. If anything, we should be hunting them down while they are still weak”.

“That will not happen Inquisitor”, replied Agent Ruiz, “I have ordered all of our forces in this sector to remain in the Titan-Miranda System”.

“Ordered?”, asked the 11th sister, “You do not have the authority for that Agent. Governor Tarkin left me in charge…”.

“Lord Vader talked to Tarkin and he agreed to relieve you of command, inquisitor”, Agent Ruiz commented as she interrupted the 11th sister. The Inquisitor immediately became enraged at the thought of some ISB agent outranking her and interrupting her. Agent Ruiz took no note of it. She simply ignored her reaction.

“They have left me in charge, inquisitor. You no longer have any authority to order me, or anyone who holds any rank of officer. You might as well just be enlisted as a Stormtrooper”.

The 11th sister worked hard to restrain herself. As much as she fantasized of beating this Narcissistic ISB agent to death, she knew it wasn’t worth it. The punishment for that could undoubtedly be a lot worse than another severed limb.

“What are your commands, Agent Ruiz?”, she asked with a frustrated tone in her voice, barely even moving her jaw.

“I have ordered our fleet into a defensive formation”, replied Agent Ruiz, “all forces will remain on standby until they are summoned, or in your case, beckoned like a female Akk dog in heat. Dismissed”.

The 11th sister stormed out of the bridge and made her way back to her quarters, completely infuriated that the ISB agent used her position of power to insult her. Had Vader and Tarkin not granted her the authority, she would have certainly cut her in two with her lightsaber.

While the Imperial Fleet assumed a defensive formation in the Titan-Miranda Systen, the Mirandan rebel fleet made their final preparations for their ground assault on Kelma. Kelma has no atmosphere at all, so all the crewmembers and fighters going down to the surface have to wear pressurized suits should the cabins of the AT-TEs become compromised.

Barriss looked around the hangar bay as she saw pilots climb in their fighters. She saw ground troops listen to Staff Sergeant Crowley’s instructions as to how to fight in Kelma’s low gravity. She looked on proudly as she saw Anfisa limping her way to her fighter. She rushed over to help the young Mirandan climb into her XK-31 fighter. Zonia made her way to Barriss after she helped Anfisa.

“Barriss, I’m sorry…”.

Barriss didn’t say a word. She looked at her apprentice carefully and saw her standing in front of her; gripping her wrist with her opposite hand.

“Zonia, you should already know better. Things like these can be a major distraction, especially right before a battle”.

“I know Barriss, I just wasn’t thinking. We had already almost lost each other so many times. One thing led to another and…”.

Barriss stopped her.

“You don’t have to explain anything. I just want you to be more responsible”.

Zonia looked up at Barriss and smiled.

“Now get a move on. We’ve got a battle to begin”.

General Loughly walked up to Barriss and Zonia with a smile on his face.

“I have excellent news, Master Jedi. My contacts on Miranda have agreed to rally the people. If we find Triumphant, and we’re able to clear her from Kelma, we’ll have all hands we’ll need to crew her”.

“That is very good General”, Barriss replied, “I believe we are ready to begin the jump back to Miranda”.

General Loughly nodded and, via commlink, ordered the Venator and all the other ships to make the jump to hyperspace back to Miranda.

While the fleet made its way back to Miranda, the rebels wasted no time in going to their General Quarters. Barriss, Zonia and Jaspar climbed into one of the eight AT-TEs that would be making their way down to the surface of Kelma. Staff Sergeant Crowley soon joined them in the AT-TE.

“Comfortable?”, Barriss asked Crowley.

“Not really”, he replied, “I remember my tanks being mounted on a chassis moved by treads, not legs”.

“Well make yourself comfortable, Staff Sergeant. This is all the protection we’re getting from the Imperials, and from Kelma”.

“Yeah, I’m not feeling at all safe”.

“If you don’t like it, you can always man the main gun”.

Staff Sergeant immediately made his way to the main gun that sat on top of the AT-TE.

“With pleasure…”.

Not long after, the fleet emerged from Hyperspace within view of Miranda and Kelma. Right away, the fighters emerged from the hangar bay and flew right next to the Venator to escort it as it made its way to Kelma. Anfisa saw the Venator, the Trailblazer, the ELJ-300 light cruiser, and the several dozen fighters that flew alongside to protect them.

On the lead Star Destroyer orbiting Miranda, an officer sitting in the bridge called Agent Ruiz.

“Agent, I’m getting a reading of a whole multitude of objects emerging from hyperspace”.

“Excellent”, replied Agent Ruiz, “they’re preparing to launch an attack on our fleet and Miranda. Make a 90 degree turn to port so we can face them head on”.

“I beg your pardon, Agent, but the rebels are not targeting us. If they don’t change heading, their present course will take them right to Kelma”.

“Kelma? Why would they want to go there?”.

“Because they believe the UTR battleship TSS Triumphant is hidden somewhere on that moon”, replied the 11th sister as she made her way onto the bridge, “and they intend to recover it. I told you we should have gone after them while they were weak…”

“Spare me, inquisitor…”

“I will not”, replied the 11th sister, “that fleet out there is your fault. You let it happen. I’m only calling you out…”.

Agent Ruiz looked at the 11th sister angrily. She did not appreciate the Mirandan stepping out of line to call out her blunder, but could also not disagree with her.

“What are YOUR orders, agent?”, asked the inquisitor.

Agent Ruiz did not reply. Instead, she locked her dark brown eyes onto the 11th sister’s black and yellow ones; the two imperials refused to break eye contact.

“We’re waiting, Agent…”.

Again, the ISB agent refused to give a reply.

“Captain, order the fleet to target the enemy ships”, ordered the 11th sister.

Right away, the five star destroyers turned and began to open fire on the rebel ships. General Loughly saw from the bridge as the Imperial fleet began targeting them.

“Concentrate all shields to the front”, he ordered, “send the trailblazer with some escorts to distract those Star Destroyers, we cannot be prevented from reaching the surface”.

As the trailblazer broke formation and began targeting the enemy ships, the Venator began its approach to descend onto the surface of Kelma. Immediately, Gaffer Canyon came into view and he contacted Barriss via commlink.

“Master Offee, we have a visual on Gaffer Canyon. As soon as I give the order, move your tanks off of the Venator. You’ll have only one chance”.

“Understood, we’ll wait for you…”.

Within minutes, the Venator skimmed over the surface of Kelma over an area with many erupting geysers. Everyone on the ship and tanks could feel the vibrations as exploding gasses and debris pummeled the Venator’s keel. Almost immediately, the Venator came to a complete stop.

“Now is your chance, go now!”, ordered General Loughly.

The eight AT-TEs immediately climbed off the Venator and onto the surface of Kelma. Once the last tank left, the Venator took off again and headed back to Miranda.

“We’ll do our best to get the necessary crew off of Miranda and back to Kelma. They’ve been studying ancient naval texts so they’ll have some idea as to how to crew her. Make sure you find that ship!”.

Barriss listened to General Loughly carefully, knowing the amount of pressure there was on the their shoulders. They were already committed to their mission and could no longer back out. It was now of vital importance that Triumphant be found.

“May the Force be with you, General…”.

RIght away, the Venator took off from the surface and made its way towards Miranda to try to contact the rebel agents who enlisted more to their cause.

Right away, the eight tanks assumed formation and began to move through the minefield at a very slow pace. They could hear and feel the shaking of the exploding geysers just outside.

Zonia panicked when she felt an exploding geyser right underneath them and immediately grabbed Jaspar’s hand. Jaspar held onto her hand with both his hands to reassure her.

“Steady everyone, don’t lose your nerve”, Barriss tried to reassure everyone on their tank.

At that moment, the geysers began to intensify. The rebels on the lead AT-TE watched helplessly, on one of the monitors, as a powerful geyser erupted right beneath one of the tanks, tearing it in two.

Right away, Barriss ordered all the tanks to move through the geyser field at full speed. The remaining seven tanks rushed at full speed as they struggled to clear the powerful mines.

“Master Offee, I’m seeing something tall off in the distance, just at the edge of the geyser field”.

“What do you see Staff Sergeant?”, asked Barriss.

“Well, it looks like a walker”, he replied, “but not like ours. it’s standing a lot taller than ours and it’s standing on four legs”.

“Can you display on the monitor?”.

Crowley immediately displayed a very large walker on the monitor inside the AT-TE.

“Well, they’re definitely Imperial”, Jaspar commented, “It’s an elite AT-AT walker. We need to keep clear. One hit from those guns can take down these old rust buckets. None of our weaponry can get past those shields”.

“We don’t have time”, replied Crowley, “if we go around, it can delay us by hours. This moon is so poorly explored, we can get lost here easily. We don’t have a choice. We have to fight our way through these”.

Barriss thought long and hard about which course of action to take.

“Well? What are you waiting for?”, Crowley asked from the gunner’s seat outside.

“We go in. Full attack”, Barriss ordered.

Almost immediately, the seven AT-TEs closed in on the sole AT-AT that stood at the edge of the Geyser field. Within minutes, they were clear of the geyser field and in full view of the Elite AT-AT. The gunners on the AT-TEs began opening fire on the sole AT-AT, but to no effect.

“Staff Sergeant Crowley, report”.

“Nothing is getting past that shields, Master Jedi. There are seven guns firing on that thing and it’s taking them like nothing”.

Right away, the Imperial walker targeted one of the rebel tanks and opened fire. The rebels watched in awe as the rebel tank went up in flame almost instantly from one single hit.

“All tanks, spread outwards and flank, do not stop firing!”, Barriss ordered.

Immediately, the AT-TEs broke formation and charged at the Imperial walker. They fired salvo after salvo at the Imperial Tank, but no round seemed to penetrate its sheilds and armor.

“It’s not working!”, Crowley cried from his seat behind the main gun.

“Just hold it steady!”, Barriss cried out, “if we don’t take it out, it’ll hunt us down one by one!”.

They saw another AT-TE get taken down by the Imperial walker, then another. Soon, only three walkers remained.

“We’re not all getting out of this”, Barriss mumbled to herself, “all other tanks proceed to Gaffer Canyon. We’ll deal with this one…”.

“Barriss, what are you doing?”, Zonia asked her.

“Taking this thing out before it takes us. There has to be a weak spot somewhere on its armor”.

“Yeah, I don’t see any weak spots”, Crowley commented.

“It doesn’t matter. We’re not going to see it with our eyes. Zonia, help me”.

Right away, Zonia closed her eyes and extended her hand as she tried to feel the Imperial walker’s presence through the force. Barriss soon did the same as she put her other hand on Zonia’s shoulder.

“I don’t see anything”, Zonia whispered, “it feels impenetrable”.

“A weakness is there”, Barriss replied softly, “trust yourself. Trust the Force”.

Suddenly, their AT-TE rocked around violently as it took a direct hit. Zonia nearly broke her concentration as Barriss held onto Zonia’s shoulder.

“Don’t lose focus. They only grazed us. Keep trying…” Barriss whispered softly to motivate Zonia.

As they focused more and more, the tank began to appear in their minds more clearly. They could picture every detail about it clearly in their minds.

“I think”, Zonia whispered quietly, “I think I see something…”

“What do you see?”, Barriss asked.

“An unarmored area. A small one right in the neck behind the pilot house…”.

“Staff Sergeant, did you hear that?”.

“Loud and clear…”, Crowley replied.

RIght away, Crowley turned his gun on the AT-AT’s neck, right behind the pilot house in the hopes of hitting the unarmored section. Crowley took careful, slowed his breathing down as if he were taking aim with a sniper, and fired a single round. In seconds, the entire pilot house of the AT-AT went up in smoke as the round penetrated the hull and detonated near a magazine storage.

“Master Jedi, the walker is down. We’re free to proceed to Gaffer Canyon”.

“I copy you Staff Sergeant, we will proceed”.

Right away, their tank joined up with the other two surviving tanks and continued on their way to Gaffer Canyon. When they arrived, they were awestruck by the view before them. They never imagined the canyon to be so big.

Off in the distance towards the east, they could see a massive structure spanning across the canyon, all 48 kilometers of it. This structure was not natural. It could have only been built by intelligent hands. It was the Kelma Pass Bridge.

The three remaining walkers made a turn towards the bridge. The slopes of the southern end of the canyon running east to west were not steep enough to support a large enough hangar for TSS Triumphant. Only the steep slopes of the north could support such a structure. Soon, they made it to the bridge. It looked as it it had been built yesterday. Without any air on Kelma, it never once gained a single patch of rust. It was as bright as the day it was completed.

“We need to get across carefully, and slowly. We don’t want this thing giving way on us”, Barriss warned the rebels.

The tanks moved into single file and began making their way across the bridge. The bridge was never meant to hold ground vehicles. The only vehicles it ever supported were monorail trains that once ran on the tracks. Now, the tanks moved on the tracks, moving very slowly and very carefully, to ensure each of its legs rose and fell on the two tracks. Suddenly, they felt the bridge beneath them shake around violently, and saw a TIE squadron zip past them.

Barriss looked through the monitor and saw that a TIE-advanced fighter was leading the attack. She also saw 8 TIE fighters and a pair of TIE bombers. But what intrigued her the most was the TIE_advanced leading the assault. Only one individual could be piloting it. An individual she knew all too well.

“11th sister…”, she whispered to herself, “we’re in dangerous position. All tanks full reverse, head back to the slope!”.

But before her order could be carried out, the two TIE bombers unleashed a series of proton bombs on the bridge. The bridge shook violently as the support cables that held the weight of the bridge snapped one by one under the relentless assault. Moments later, the few remaining cables could no longer hold the bridge and it gave way beneath the three tanks. They fell slowly, thanks in part to Kelma’s weak gravity, but they still fell a good distance down into the canyon below.

The 11th sister looked from the windows of her TIE-advanced as the trio of tanks disappeared into the darkness below. Before she could order her fighters to do anymore, one of the two bombers was suddenly destroyed by an unseen force.

“All fighters, evasive maneuvers…”, ordered the 11th sister.

The remaining TIEs immediately tried to evade whoever was shooting at them. From the corner of her eye, she saw the ship that was attacking them. It was a lone XK-31 fighter. Flying in zig-zags and doing barrel rolls to gain the attention of the TIE-advanced. The 11th sister could see the pilot through the XK-31’s large windshield, it was Anfisa Pleiad.

“All fighters return to the Star Destroyer, I’ll deal with this one”, ordered the 11th sister.

Immediately, the TIEs did as the inquisitor ordered and flew back to the Star Destroyer orbiting Miranda.

Anfisa saw the TIE-advanced right in front of her. She knew all too well it was being piloted by the same person who crippled her, and she vowed to put an end to her once and for all. Without hesitating, she pointed her fighter towards the TIE and unleashed full fury using its pair of automatic cannons. The 11th sister barrel rolled and dove to avoid the onslaught of fire coming from the ancient Mirandan fighter. THe 11th sister knew she couldn’t keep flying evasively if she wanted to take out her Erisil opponent. She positioned her fighter to fire on the XK-31, and soon wishes hse hadn’t.

In one swift move, Anfisa abruptly turns her fighter around and fly directly towards the inquisitor’s TIE advanced. In seconds, her fighter’s starboard wing clips the TIE fighter, knocking off a huge chunk of it. The 11th sister loses control of her fighter as it plummets down into the darkness of Gaffer Canyon.

Down in the canyon, Barriss, Zonia, Jaspar and Crowley struggled to get back up. Their tank and another miraculously landed upright, but the other one did not. Barriss reached out to help the other rebels in the tank get back on their feet.

“We can’t stop, we have to go on…”, Zonia told everyone as she got back up.

Barriss looked at Zonia, the faceplate of her helmet had gotten cracked. If it took one more hit, her helmet would certainly lose pressure and kill her. Barriss turned from Zonia and looked at the pressure gauge inside the tank. It was reading at zero. If they hadn’t put on their independent life support suits, they wouldn’t be alive. The Tank driver tried to start up the tank again, but it wouldn’t budge. The other tank was reporting to have mechanical problems and also had problems moving.

“What do we do now?”, Zonia asked.

Barriss looked at her apprentice, thinking about what course of action to take.

“Like you said”, Barriss replied, “we can’t stop. We go on foot from here”.

“Do you even know where we are going?”, asked Crowley.

“To the north slope”, Barriss replied.

“Where exactly? The north slope is 300 kilometers long…”.

“We’ll see from there”, she replied.

As soon as they prepared to leave the tank, they heard blood-curdling screaming over the commlink coming from the other tank.

Barriss immediately turned on her commlink and tried to contact them.

“Rebel tank, come in. This is Wild Card. What is going on?”.

“We’re under attack. Red blade, red blades! Aghhh!”.

Barriss and Zonia’s faces immediately went cold when they heard the rebel over the commlink say ‘red blades’.

“She’s here…”, Zonia whispered.

“So it seems”, Barriss replied, “change of plans. You’re leading them to Triumphant”.

“Wait, me? No. I’m staying here with you and helping you fight her”.

“No Zonia. You’re the who has any chance of finding that ship. You have to be the one to lead them”.

“Barriss, I can’t”.

“Yes you can”, Barriss replied as she put her hand on her shoulder, “you can and you will. I have faith in you…”.

“But what if i lead them to the wrong place?”.

“Then you try again. Do what you’ve always done. Trust yourself. Trust the Force. You can lead them to that ship. You WILL lead them to that ship. I know you can”.

Zonia looked up to her master and nodded.

“Go!”, Barriss ordered as she picked up her lightsaber, “move before she has any chance to catch up to you”.

Immediately, Zonia and Jaspar led the small group of a dozen rebels out of the tank, Barriss followed closely behind and looked into one of the deeper areas of the canyon. One of the areas of the canyon that never received sunlight, always under the cover of darkness.

“Jaspar!”, Barriss cried out as she extended her hand, her eyes focused into the darkened area of the canyon.

Jaspar immediately grabbed one of his two swords and tossed it at Barriss. Barriss catched it without turning away, all of her senses tuned into the darkness. As soon as Zonia and Jaspar led the rebels away from the crippled tank, Barriss ignited her lightsaber and touched her blade against Jaspar’s sword. Sparks shot out as she moved her lightsaber along the blade of the sword, leaving a stream of sparks flying out, and a red hot glow in its wake. Before long, the entire blade of the sword was glowing red hot from being rubbed against by her lightsaber. But Barriss didn’t look at the glowing sword, or her purple bladed lightsaber. Her eyes were focused in the darkened area of the canyon, less than 100 feet in front of her. She breathed slowly, wouldn’t even blink. She dared not be distracted for even a millisecond knowing full well what was lurking in the darkness. Suddenly, the darkened area of the canyon became illuminated the glow of a red, double bladed lightsaber. Barriss immediately assumed a defensive stance, lightsaber in one hand, and glowing red-hot Erisil sword in the other. She watched cautiously as she saw the 11th sister make her way towards her.

“I see your friends are throwing a party”, commented the 11th sister.

“You weren’t invited”, Barriss replied sternly.

The 11th sister chuckled.

“I think you know what happens now…”.

“I know what’ll happen”, replied Barriss, “unfortunately, it will not be what you want…”.

“Oh I disagree”, she replied as she walked closer and closer, “I hope you didn’t forget my lesson from last time”.

“And what lesson is that?”.

The 11th sister immediately made eye contact with Barriss. Her dark yellow eyes focused on her crystal blue ones.

“Have you forgotten so soon?”, the inquisitor asked her, “after all, I did leave a scar on your snotty little pet to remind you…”.

“She’s more capable than you and I will ever be put together”.

The 11th sister and Barriss began walking around each other in a semi-circle, waiting for the other to strike first.

“A pity she will never get to reach her full potential…”

“What makes you so certain of that?”, Barriss asked her.

“Because your rebellion ends here”, replied the 11th sister, “you will die. Your friends will be captured and tortured into giving us the information we need to destroy the other rebel cells, and your little pet? Oh I’ve got something special planned for her. She will not die, I promise you that. I think I’ll just keep her around for my own personal enjoyment. And I’ll make sure that Erisil Knight is there to watch it all…”.

Barriss, infuriated and disgusted that she would even dare to think about doing horrible things to her Padawan, extended her hand quickly and pushed the inquisitor back with the Force. Just as soon as the inquisitor recovered, Barriss force jumped towards her and brought down her lightsaber on her. The inquisitor lifted her lightsaber and blocked her strike; their two lightsabers locked onto each other.

“You are vile…”, Barriss told her.

The 11th sister immediately broke the lock and swung her lightsaber, forcing Barriss to take a step back.

“Don’t forget just yet, Jedi, I own you!”.

Barriss immediately recovered and charged back at the inquisitor, their blades clashing deep in the bowels of Gaffer Canyon. While the two fought, Zonia, Jaspar, and Crowley led the group of a dozen rebels up the northern slope. They analyzed the wall of the canyon carefully. Looking for any sign of a hangar buried behind the slope.

“Are you certain this ship even still exists?”, Crowley asked Zonia and Jaspar, “I don’t see anything!”.

“You don’t always have to see it to know it’s there”, Zonia replied.

“What are you getting at? Should we make a sacrifice to the Gods and see if they'll show us what we can’t see?”.

“No”, she replied, “I’m asking that you clear your mind”.

“Clear my mind? Have you forgotten already that Mirandans are completely outside the Force?”.

“No”, she replied, “I just can’t think straight when you’re angry”.

Zonia immediately closed her eyes and extended her hand, just as she did not long ago, and put it against the canyon wall. She tried searching for anything. Anything that just might reveal the location of a secret hangar. As she explored the interior of the rock wall through the force, she began to become more and more familiar with its composition. She could feel that there was a lot of metals present in the rock. She could also feel trace amounts of precious minerals, revealing to her that Kelma was once a floating treasure chest in space. She slowed down her breathing significantly so she could focus better. Put all of her focus into the rock wall and nothing else. As she felt her hand along one area of the canyon wall, she immediately felt something that was out of place.

“I feel something”, she whispered softly, “there’s something here…”

“What is it Zonia?”, Jaspar asked her.

“It feels metallic”, she replied, “but not like the metals present in these rocks. I can feel more than one kind of metal, blended together”.

“Metal blended together, like an allow?”.

Zonia opened her eyes.

“Yes”, she replied, “it’s here”.

“Wait”, exclaimed Staff Sergeant Crowley, “what is?”.

“Something big”, she replied as she moved her hand along the canyon wall, “something unnatural. Something that doesn’t belong here…”.

Immediately, Zonia stopped and ignited her lightsaber. She held onto her lightsaber tightly and cut open what appeared like a boulder sticking out of the canyon wall. But when the fake boulder was cut away, the rebels were astonished to see what was behind it: it was a door.

“I’m impressed, Master Jedi”, Crowley commented, “But a door won’t help us here. What we need is a ship”.

“And you’ll get a ship, Staff Sergeant”, replied Zonia, “and it’s right here, behind this door”.

Zonia immediately cut open the armor plated door and a dark corridor was revealed behind it. The rebels turned on their flashlights and they made their way inside the the long, dark, and narrow corridor. It was so narrow, they had to walk one by one in a single file line. Before long, the entrance of the corridor was well behind them and they were completely in the dark. Even Zonia began using her lightsaber to light her way. Just as suddenly as it appeared, they saw the end of the corridor and it led to a very large opening, now deep under the surface of Kelma. The rebels shined their flashlights in all directions in the large cavity, but couldn’t see anything.

“I’ve got an idea”.

Staff Sergeant Crowley removed a flare gun from his belt and fired it up into the air. As it flew through the air, the group was astonished to see a truly colossal object illuminated. It had engines, but none like they had ever seen, and it sported large guns on its dorsal and ventral sides. Larger than any guns they had ever seen. But as the flare fell back down, the group looked on in awe as the furthest aft end of the object was illuminated by the flare. They looked in awe as they saw the words UNITED TITAN REPUBLIC NAVY illuminated by the descending flare. Zonia and Jaspar quietly locked their hands together as they saw the flare return back to the ground. They were definitely looking at a ship.

“Jaspar, look…”.

Jaspar looked up to where Zonia was pointing. She pointed to the flare just as it was starting to run out of light. They gasped when they saw the flare finally reveal the ship’s name: TRIUMPHANT...
Hello everybody, I just want to make a quick announcement. As some of you may know, I recently had a heartbreaking experience and I'm still trying to recover. She even texted me yesterday, saying "I hope we can overcome this", but I don't want to give in to false hope. I recently unveiled a new character in my previous chapter of 'Triumphant Return' that was inspired by this girl: the character's name was Salina Mason Ruzi. In the chapter, she was revealed to be the acting Governor of Imperial-occupied Miranda. Her name is based off the girl's name, as both have the initials SMR. I have decided to change things up a bit.

Instead of Governor, she will act as a spy in service of the Empire. An ISB agent. Not only will she spy on the Rebels, she will create tension between Zonia and Jaspar. She will be much more directly involved in the plot than I had originally planned. I also changed her last name from 'Ruzi' to 'Ruiz'. The same last name as the character's real life counterpart. That is all I have to say.


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